Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday Night Runelords: The Goblin King of Thistletop

Ranier reports in this week for our 7th session:

That stupid Thasillonian snitch was back this week and the news was not promising.  Pajar was back and the paladin got taken.  I was happy to see Pajar.  Another fighter appeared -- one that spoke Thassilonian and not common.  Interesting.  It seems she was stuck in there for 2000 years.  I hope Dante doesn't meet a similar fate.

We started poking around the corridor when goblins attacked.  Sol took a bad hit and then decided to get out of the way.  Pajar seem to have quite the knack with magic, blasting away goblins with flames from his hands.  Jericho kept firing off shots and making progress against the enemies.  My scimitar served me well.

Pajar has quite a sense of humor.  Our rotund oracle, after being missed by the goblins calls out "You can't hit the broad side of a barn -- that was my nickname in grammar school -- broad side of a barn."

We found sleeping quarters for the goblins that attacked.  We found goblins on the towers.  We found a room full of goblin dogs and a dead goblin.  I guess he wasn't well-liked by his armed fellows.  We also found a horse suffering from malnutrition.  Saddlebags still hung on the horses skeletal frame.  I grabbed some books from the merchant rider who lost him.  Shadowmist belonged to Vito Levar, and I'll have to track him down or his heirs more likely.

There was a storage room with purple pickled carrots.  I really don't think they are supposed to be that color.

Lots of rooms, lots of doors, even a couple with locks that Axel couldn't pick.  Axel and this new fighter got a bit ahead of themselves charging up a tower without us.  Axel nearly got skewered to death by some of the better trained goblins.

We found some sort of king's chamber and a bunch of goblins.  Axel tried to do the talking as they brought him into the room and made us stay behind.  Pajar should be doing the talking.  Axel is about as convincing as the goblins are.  Of course, once he was in close and talking that got upset and attacked.  Axel is going to get himself killed at this rate.

The fight was pretty brutal with us outnumbered slightly and these being the toughest of the goblins.  One goblin was even riding a gecko -- that was interesting.  I regretted not having a shield spell left, but at least I could recall my shocking spell and clobber the rather tough king.  We tried not to kill him, but the sword-happy fighter took him down and Jericho had to spend multiple healing potions to get him back to conscious.  I forced Elixir of Truth in him -- a lot of good it did.  Half of what he told us seemed to be lies anyway.  The only thing I know pretty much for certain is that this place has a basement and there are probably more bad guys down there.  No surprise.  He passed out again and I took care of him with my scimitar.

It was nice having a fighter with us this week.

Axel nearly got himself killed again, ending up slow and unable to talk.  We grabbed some treasure and found some keys.  More Lemashtu artifacts were around.  Lots more potions that I need to split up with the rest of the party were to be found.  The only shining ray was the fine quality scimitar I found -- I am sure it has been touched by magic.

My secret is becoming harder and harder to keep.  Pajar watched my motions when I am casting.  Tonight as we rest I will try to hide the copying of the scroll I found to my spellbook.  I don't know what I will tell them if they start to suspect.


Here are my player notes for the week:

  • I found out that I can hold the charge on a touch spell until it hits, even when combined with my Magus abilities.  This is huge... it means I can cast shocking grasp and be guaranteed to be able to use it so long as there are bad guys left.
  • I can't for the life of me seem to be able to keep track of all of the modifiers.  Flanking, arcane pool, etc -- I usually end up missing one or two points.  I've got to work on tactical strategy.  I was finally able to pull off a cast without having to cast defensively this week by taking a five foot step at the right time.
  • I got very agitated with players over ongoing discussion of PvP.  I made my position clear -- no more PvP or I will leave the game, if need be.  It really detracts from the game.  As a GM this is a much bigger concern with the upcoming evil campaign.
  • I need to start stocking healing potions in my bandolier.  Pulling Pajar out of the fight to heal me isn't good.  I think I am going to have to take toughness and work on my CON to stay effective as we progress.
  • It sure would be nice to be able to use wands with my magus abilities.  That will be my first Magic Arcana -- Wand Wielder.
  • I need to start taking more time to read things during the game.  I've messed up a potion, a spell, and missed a lot of clues along the way.  It is embarassing.  The GM shouldn't have to hit us with a clue by four every step of the adventure.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dollar Store Urban Maps for Shadowrun

My latest project is making maps for my Shadowrun game.  We are always using the same settings (or at least, setting types) over and over again, so I thought I'd go ahead and make some maps for them.  These use $1 sheets of black foamboard for the base.  I then glue cardstock and construction paper (also only $1 for a big pack) onto the fomboard.  White strips form doors (just like in the Shadowrun maps).  Black strips form walls.  I use green to indicate grass / dirt areas around buildings.

On the left is a Eula's place called V-Worx.  It is the local hacker bar.  On the right I have another building and Cathode Glow, a hacker bar in the city.  I have a few more buildings to add.  Oh, and it needs furniture.

Here's the standard warehouse I use a lot.  It has plenty of doors, a set of table and chairs in one corner and some office / living quarters up above with stairs leading up.  Skylights above are marked.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday Rise of the Runelords: Farther into the Thicket

Here's the latest update from Ranier:

After last week's massacre of goblins, it was time to take a look around.  It turned out the goblins weren't heavily armed -- they had just camping gear.  The paladin was torn up a bit about it, but Jericho reminded him that these were goblins.  I wish I could feel bad about it -- it just doesn't bother me anymore.  Goblin aren't innocent.  Nobody over the age of 10 is innocent anymore.  We pretty much all deserve to bite the dust.  The cruel joke is that once you get to that age, you're probably going to live long enough to regret it.

We continued on through the thicket, this time losing Pajar to the old Thassilonian hummingbird (his player was out).  We found a deep hole that reached down to the ocean level with some terrible roaring creature in it.  We went around it.  Maybe we'll check it out on the way back.

Axle and I were working together nicely this week, backing each other up on looking for traps and keeping mostly to the shadows.  There were skeletons around -- humanoid.  Good thing we killed all the goblins -- eating people just isn't right.  We found some potions, a nice scroll that seems to generate a great explosion of fire, and a small magical pearl.  The pearl seems to help restore my memory after casting a spell so I can still remember it.  That will be handy.  I'n hanging on to that scroll so I can copy it.  I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to keep up this charade -- though some days I think I really am a ranger.

Farther into the thicket we found a small room with goblin dogs.  Sol, my dog, joined Dante in charging the goblin dogs.  We all fought hard and they fell quick.

We got attacked by a goblin and some sort of feline creature that attacked and then would disappear back into the thorns.  We fought hard against them, but took a lot of bad hits.  Some sort of insect appeared and it got blown away by Jericho.

We started to get back moving again, but Jericho jumped the gun and shot Axle.  I warned him that it better not happen again.  Gun, blade, club or spear -- a person's weapon needs to be only brought to bear on enemies.  I don't trust Jericho now.

We kept moving and the paladin followed his "aura" back down a path into a lair of some sort -- probably of that cat-like thing.  The goblin that was attacking seemed to take off.  I don't see how that Paladin can see anything through the shine of his armor.

We followed the path until we came to a bridge to the island.  Pajar had mentioned Thistletop was an island.  The bridge was rickety and we were going to have to go one at a time.  On the other side of the 60 foot bridge was a large wooden structure and it, with the island, looked like a skull staring out.

Axle went first, running across.  The doors to the structure were barred, so he climbed over the wall and unbarred them.  Once doors were open, Sol, the gunslinger, and I went across.  Dante got hung up with the goblin reappearing and attacking, but finally made a run for it.  Bad for us, the goblin cut the bridge behind us.  We need to track him down when we get done on this island.

Everyone was heading to get in the room and bar the door when goblin dog riders starting appearing.  Sol charged one and sent it flying, but not enough to send it over the cliff into the ocean.  The others fought them off, avoiding arrows from the towers until Axle went down.  I manned the gate while the paladin and Sol engaged the attackers in melee.  Jericho backed them up by firing off shots.  Finally we finished them off and got the door closed and barred.

The room was gruesome -- horse heads, dog heads, and, pinned to the wall, a set of harpy wings.  Odd.  Harpy wings?  Axle found a nice dagger stabbed into the wall.

Where to go next -- between this room and the attached corridor, we have 6 other doors that we could try?

I am a bit worried as we venture further into the structure.  The paladin has healed about as much as he can for the day.  My spells are half depleted.  I am hurt pretty badly.  Axle nearly bit the dust in that last battle.  I guess luck of the gods is with us, even Sol.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Night Runelords: Traveling to Thistletop

Another report from Ranier:

Well, we finished clearing out the dungeon space today we found below the glassworks.  It was good karma that brought the Oracle and Paladin back from the ether.  We finished searching the room where we killed the quasit.  Pajar found some gold and a scroll.  I couldn't get my eyes on the scroll.  Axle found a couple of potions -- a potion of hiding and a love potion.  Axle got the potion of hiding and Jericho the love potion.  We didn't like the look of the magic pool, so we covered it with doors from the room per Jericho's suggestion.  The doors disintegrated and fell into the pool.  We left it behind to finish exploring.

Past the statue room we explored the last corridor.  Stairs lead to a room with a dark pool.  Past that we found a set of collapsed stairs leading up, that we reckoned probably lead up towards the lighthouse -- a set of local Thassilonian ruins.  Not surprising since these ruins look Thassilonian.  Pajar left.  The rest of us started to leave when a Varouille popped up out of the pool.  The others jumped in and quickly killed it.

Once back above, I got rid of some of the junk we found and picked up my any-tool.  I checked in on Amico.  She was doing better.  She pointed us at the journal passage talking about a ritual on Thistletop.

I went back to the Red Dragon, got some food, tried copying a spell from a spell scroll unsuccessfully, and got some sleep.  Next day we went looking for Shilelu.  She wasn't do back for 3 days and no sign of her.  Pajar looked over the journal and figured we could head north to Thistletop (an island) on our own.  We gathered supplies, I upgraded my scimitar, and headed out with Sol, my guard dog.  He needed some payback on these goblins too.

We started from the goblin camp on the beach and headed North.  I was doing my best to track.  Jericho was doing it, as well.  The nettles were brutal, but Sol kept pulling as I urged him on.  We weren't far from the coast -- you could still hear the waves.

Jericho had to abandon his horse as we entered a set of tunnels in the brambles.  It was soaked with goblin smell, goblin dog smell, and the smell of some other feline creature.  We started searching and eventually came across a group of 12 or so goblins.  The party attacked.  I grabbed the scroll of flaming sphere and gave it a dose of green topped powder.  If my thought was correct, it was going to change the fire into something different.  After reading it, a flaming sphere appeared and then changed into a 5 foot orb of acid.  I guided it over the goblins, one by one, and within 2 rounds, between the rest of the party and the ball of acid, all of the goblins were dead.  Still, we could hear more goblins nearby, and a crying.

The paladin found a goblin baby and seemed inclined to take it under his care.  Fighting is going to be awfully hard with a baby in one hand, but that is the life of a paladin -- hard, mostly by choice.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gaming Styles: A Clash of the Helpless

I was reading this article over on Voices in my Head. In this case, the writer is chalking up a slaughter of a PC to a difference of play styles. In this case, a PC walks straight into a group of orcs known to be killing everything in sight. They smile, pull back their bows, and fill him full of arrows as he tries to approach them to use diplomacy. The line in the whole story I find most interesting is the player's response: "Player 3 – Well you should at least let us try diplomacy. You should run this differently."

This type of scenario is what I call a "Clash of the Helpless".  The GM sees himself as helpless to resolve the problem, because the player didn't pick up on the hints he gave.  The PC sees himself as helpless, because he tried something he thought was reasonable, and the outcome was not reasonable or expected.  If this were the first time I'd seen this pattern, I wouldn't have a name for it.

I believe the problem in this case is truly a problem of expectations.  Though both the GM and the player presumably have a social contract on the rules they are playing by, the player has assumed a way that things should play out that does not match with the GM's vision.  Unfortunately, this is exactly how many, if not most, GMs deal with the problem.  They let the player get surprised by the outcome, let them get upset with the GM and the game, and let them leave to find another group.

[Now I want to interject an important, but secondary point here.  I am assuming that the rules that this group was playing by do not supply a structure for specifically using diplomacy in this case.  I know in the case of Pathfinder, there is a very specific set of rules for attitude and diplomacy (which, by the way, could be used to make sure diplomacy can't be used).  If the GM has just skipped these rules with the justification of "play style", there is a different problem here:  a breach of the rules social contract.]

My problem with this approach is a very simple one.  It is the GM's responsibility to ensure every player has proper expectations for the game BEFORE playing.  If a player comes to a point in the game where he thinks diplomacy can be used, and the GM hasn't made it perfectly clear that there will be scenarios where it can't be used, the GM has failed.  Not only has the GM failed, but the GM also now has a responsibility to fix it.  Fix it, means stopping the game, talking about the problem, and giving the player a reasonable alternative to the bad outcome that just happened, with the understanding that in the future, the expectation issue has been resolved, and that next time the bad outcome will stand.  

Note that this doesn't mean that the player gets his way.  This also doesn't mean the player will continue to play.  It does mean that the situation is now made clear before the player takes his action again.  Now, this could also require the GM to make some additional changes.  For example, if the player was designing a character around using diplomacy, the GM may need to allow the player to change the character to be more in-line with the play style and game assumptions.

Of course, this reasonable resolution requires the GM to care about the player (and every player) and humble himself to admit that there was a mistake made.  Many GMs fall too easily into the ego trap to allow this to happen.  The bottom line, however, is that the GM is in charge of the communication at the table, and sooner or later there is going to be a failure, just like this.  What happens when this inevitability occurs is what separates a good GM from a bad GM, and in fact, a bully from a friend.

Shadowrun: Just Too Easy

Here's the quick summery of our last Shadowrun.  I think I'm going to start writing these during the game, to make it easier to remember.

  • The crew pulled together the T-Bird security unit to look like something from Ares.  Only one thing missing -- the weapons.
  • Vee had a relevant contact, since she used to be in to that sort of thing.  Still, she brought along Mr. Black to do the deal.
  • The meet was at an old warehouse.  Inside, the guy making the deal was inside a pickup truck with bullet-proof glass and a little gas-station style talk-through window.
  • Mr. Black negotiated a good deal to get the weapons in just a few days.
  • The finished T-Bird had a pilot and copilot and a guard seat in the back.  The pirsoner compartment could easily hold two people (even troll-sized).  Void piloted the T-Bird.  Mr. Black was the co-pilot.
  • Weldon took the guards seat.  Vee and Ender sat in the prisoner compartment.
  • On the way in, there was a security password request.  It took a minute, but they were able to break in and take care of it apparently before setting off any alarm.
  • The landing sight had the rear door aligned with the prison block and the side aligned to the staff area.
  • There were security forces and security rail drones all over the place.
  • Weldon went in and everything went black.  After a few minutes, he came back out dragging another guy that looked like Weldon right behind him.
  • On take-off, Void got a good start before security forces opened fire.  They didn't hit the passenger compartment, but put a bullet through one of the turbines.
  • Void was able to hold it steady enough for a moment while Vee dumped the explosives.  It cleared most of the opposition.
  • The T-Bird took a dive as the engine sputtered and coughed.  Just before a crash, Void pulled it up and was able to get it to the trailer.
  • The landing was effective but really bad on the trailer.  It touched down so hard that it bent the trailer onto the wheels.  They had to pry it all apart before the could move underground.
  • They made it to the warehouse.  Unfortunately, with the damage they did to the trailer, they had to buy it off of Void's mechanic friend.  He was happy to make a nice profit on it.
  • Unfortunately, the term they had their warehouse for was up.
  • Mr. Black lead the search to get a piece of property.  They found a nice warehouse in a discrete location that has living quarters and a crane.  
  • Weldon interrogated the new Weldon, who they decided to call Sheldon.
  • After interrogation was complete, they were able to have Sheldon committed to the local insane asylum.
  • Weldon supplied the crew with a piece of new tech.
  • At first glance, it appears, to Ender that the new tech is an attack sprite.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday Night Runelords

So here is this week's report from Ranier:

We started with breakfast at the Red Rusty Dragon.  It was exploring day for the newly opened tunnel below the glassworks.  I stopped in at the temple to talk to Vasque.  He didn't seem to know much of anything about ruins that could be below the glassworks.  He pointed us at the man that lived left of the lighthouse.

Strange thing happened... I noticed a glint off of this pillar in the temple as we were leaving.  It turned out to be an ancient Thassilonian pillar.  The point the glinted had a small stone spot sticking out slightly, perhaps.  I pushed on it, and a little golden fly ball appeared.  It floated about and then touched the paladin and oracle both on the foreheads and they disappeared.  After a moment even the gunslinger disappeared.  I tried talking to Vasque about it, but he seemed skeptical at best, and perhaps though me crazy.  While leaving the temple, Jericho reappeared.

All through the day, Dante and Pajar seemed to remain gone unless we mentioned their names.  Then they would pop in for a moment and then back out again.  It was very odd.

We went to the man's house near the lighthouse.  He didn't know that much more about the lighthouse than anyone really, but he had a few documents and seemed to think it was a great war weapon.  In any case, he didn't really help us at all with the tunnels below.

So in we went through the glassworks.  Axle spotted an interesting collection of colored vials.  Trying not to let on too much, I suspect they allow magical elemental attacks to be changed in elemental type.  My suspicion is that it will work with a fire spell, but I didn't mess with it while the others were around.

Guards were everywhere in the glassworks, even dead outside the tunnel.  Very unfortunate.  They had large holes through their centers as if from some of large bladed weapon... perhaps a bastard sword.

Into the tunnel, heading north, we went and spotted off in a side tunnel to the right a sin spawn, as Axle called it.    Axel took to hiding and Jericho was fiddling with his stick, so I charged in with my scimitar.  Luckily Axle tossed in a torch so we could target the ugly beast.  He had some sort of long pole-style weapon -- a ranseur -- as well as claws and a nasty bite.  With Axle and Jericho's help, we were able to drop it.

The creature on it had a vial of silver stuff, that I recognized as silver sheen, in addition to an unknown potion, some jewels, gold, and the large weapon.  We split the goods, with me taking the silver sheen and potion and a bit of the gold.  Maybe I can get the potion identified in the town, or at least, find a place to sell it.

We moved on down the tunnel to a room with a large red marble statue holding a heavily decorated ranseur, presumably of Lemashtu, the mother of monsters.  The thief wanted to take it, so Jericho and I waited some distance away while he snatched it up.  Luckily, there were no immediately bad consequences.  Axle thought we might be able to get 400gp pieces for it, that we could split later.

We snuck back to check a lone corridor to the right we had skipped.  It lead to a storage room that connected back to the statue room.

At the end of the corridor, there was a door, and suddenly we were in the midst of two more sin spawn, speaking some language that one of the others identified as Akklo, a dark sylvan language.  The room itself was filled with cells, and the area we entered was a raised wooden floor.  Axle and Jericho moved into position as the sin spawn spotted us.  I pulled out my longbow to try to provide support.  Suddenly I found myself alone as Jericho ran one way and Axle ran the other.  Sin spawn came at me and I had to switch to my scimitar.  Axle snuck in behind one of them to attack, while Jericho was able to pick off the one biting at me.  I was hurt pretty badly, and Jericho tended to me before we finished off the second sin spawn.

We found 2 ranseurs which they had used against us, some jewelry, and gold that was stamped with Lemashtu's image.  I grabbed up a scroll and potion.  The potion could make someone invisible.  The scroll I was unfamiliar with.  We split the gold.

We were contemplating returning to the town above, since I was badly hurt and we had no healer.  Luckily, about then, Pajar appeared from the ether and healed us before blinking out again.  Odd, but very lucky.

If only we could master this blinking during battle... to be there when it was time to attack and disappear when the enemy attacks.

We went off the the right until we found a room full of torture implements.  Behind it was a set of doors holding skeletal remains behind them... monstrous skeletons with extra or wrong parts.

We moved on, eventually coming to a room full of 5' square pits, perhaps 20 feet deep, covered with old wooden covers.  Looking in to investigate the sounds, we found that each one contained a single zombie.  Suddenly a 3 armed goblin appeared, which I later surmised to be seven tooth tribe hero know as Korvus, confirmed by the magic sword he carried with him and the markings on his head (seven tooth tribe).  I charged at him, jumping successfully over/off the wooden covers as they collapsed below my feet.  The thief attempted to move into flanking position as I heard Betsy click with no explosion.  I attacked with my scimitar, Jericho shot the corner off the goblin's shoulder, and the thief got in behind him to stab at him with a dagger.  Eventually we finished him off, split his treasure between us: Axle got a magical weapon (dagger?), Jericho got a silver weapon as a bayonet, and I got a very well made (masterwork) handaxe.  It could be handy, or I could sell it perhaps to pay off my anytool.

Continuing through the door to the right, now heading south, we found a very odd study of some sort.  There was a dead bird (raven?), a wand, a book, some wine, and a scroll attached to the bottom to one of the chairs.  The walls were magic and flashed terrible abyssal words, and runes I did not know. The book was a prayer book for Lamastu (not surprising).  The wand I took and kept, but could not identify.  I tried not to let on that I knew the scroll was a burning hands scroll.  Tonight I will copy it to my spellbook when I am alone.  The wine was elderberry, and Axle took it.  The prayer book I stuck in my pack.  It might be useful, or perhaps valuable.

There were a set of stairs that went lower, but were collapsed in.  Perhaps we should come back and clear them some day.  My bet is that even older artifacts lie below, perhaps Thassilonian.

We backtracked through the dungeon to another corridor near the storeroom from the statue room.  There we found a simple water altar.  None of us dared to touch it.

In the room we found a quasit on platform at the top of two stairs overlooking some skull-decorated pool.  The quasit cut herself and its blood hit the pool on the platform near it and a sin spawn appeared.

Axle and I moved with one mind, him hiding on the shadows beneath the stairs on the left, and I hiding on the right.  The sin spawn went for Jericho, who stayed near the door.  I switched from scimitar to bow to attack the flying creature and then back to scimitar.  It was attacking with a returning dagger.  For some reason it summoned a frog, which I ignored.  All three of us hammered away on the creatures near us, Jericho on the sin spawn, Axle and I on the quasit, until the room was clear of the monsters.

There is one corridor yet to explore.  My hope is that this mysterious flying golden ball will release our comrades before we venture farther,  My expired magic and damage frame isn't going to take much more of this place.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Custom Mini for Pajar

At my Tuesday game, I really liked the character concept Scott came up with.  Pajar is an oracle with the oracle's curse of lameness.  Instead of having a bad leg, however, he is just very overweight, which affects his ability to walk.  When I found the balloon boy mini in the dollar bin this weekend, I just knew I had to try to make a mini for Pajar.  I emailed Scott for a description, and he let me know he wore mostly gold with magenta and blue accents.  In play, I had already learned of the turban he wore and the mace he used.

(Click to embiggen pictures)

Top Left is Balloon Boy

So balloon boy got disassembled, glued to a 1 inch washer, and I added a mace.  The mace started out as a large warhammer, but I cut the two hammer heads off, and it looks very mace-like now.

Mounted, with a mace, and some paint starting to layer.

Now balloon boy was plastic and molded with color which made getting paint to stick a challenge.  I would have primed him completely, but I was hoping to salvage the colors of his face, hands, and perhaps, shoes.  I just did several layers of paint until it started to adhere.  I used 1000 grit sandpaper to even out the layers to avoid bubbles, runs, and other problems.

Front view with a few layers of paint and his mace.

My wonderful wife was so kind as to make a clay turban for him.  With a few more layers of gold, he was starting to get a lot closer.

Now with his clay turban.

The jewel she added to the turban was a nice touch.  I started slowly working in the other colors.  A nice black base always helps accentuate the mini.

Starting to get paint onto the turban and arms.

I added more blue and magenta and painted his mace appropriate colors.  The beard was a huge challenge.  I ended having to paint and then touch up his face a couple of times.

Final Paint

The final stage was dipping him in cherry stain.  Tomorrow he'll get a coat of polyurethane to make him more durable.

Pajar after his dip (Front)

Pajar after his dip (Side)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Light Ruleset

I came across another light d20-like ruleset tonight that I really like:  Microlite20

It's everything you need to play in a few short free OGL PDFs.

It might make a nice game.

Another link... 2012 collection with hundreds of pages of Microlite20 games.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Shadowrun: Weldon's Plan

It's been a few days on Shadowrun, so here is the bullet point summary of last session.
  • Weldon talks the party into taking him in.  They load up and flee the incoming Ares patrols.
  • Spinner is of no help.  It looks like the job is an Ares job and Spinner isn't going to help them double-cross Ares.
  • They are looking for the guy that Weldon looks like.  It turns out he works in Ares.
  • They are formulating a plan to get a security T-bird and fly it into Ares to let Weldon do his thing.
  • Void and Vee track down pieces of a T-Bird of the proper style
  • Mr. Black gets a job at Ares flying security T-Birds.
  • During his first mission, thanks to Weldon, the T-Bird shuts down.  Ender gets in through My. Blacks commlink and pulls the data they need from the T-Bird so they can get past Ares security.
  • Mr. Black goes back to base but gets fired when they find the security breach.
  • Vee and Void are tracking down high explosives to make sure they can get back out of Ares after Weldon does his thing.

Some Minis I Found

One of our FLGSs has a bucket of miscellaneous minis for $1 a piece.  I like to raid it now and then, and today I got a good hall.

Here are some minis I'll use for regular Pathfinder.  It includes a large floating rotund man, a goblin riding a dinosaur, a humanoid bat, and some sort of flowery humanoid.  I play to rework the rotund man into a miniature for Pajar.

The second batch will be handy for the steampunk genre, including an alchemical zombie and a potion salesman.

The last batch was the best find -- a much of minis suitable for use in Shadowrun.  We have a couple of large armed trolls, some guys with guns, a decent mini for Vee, and even Mr. Black / Mr. Johnson.

Tuesday Night Runelords

So the rogue (Axle) and I (Ranier) has somehow lost the shiny armor (Dante whose player was absent).  There was a note that indicated that Amico was supposed to meet her brother, presumably at the glassworks the night before, but she had not returned.  We were going to check it out, but I wanted backup.  No way did I want to walk into another goblin ambush with just two of us.  The note indicated Amico's father, who owned the glass works, had something to do with what was going on, and that meant goblins.

We went to the guard house / jail.  One lonely guard was left at the desk, keeping an eye on things.  There were no guards to be spared with the sheriff gone.  We headed on to the Hagfish where he indicated there might be a merc looking for some work.

I'm not a big fan of mercs.  People that are paid just don't have the loyalty to the cause to keep the rest of us alive.  We walked in and approached the bartended and asked about the merc, who was sitting nearby at the table.  Turns out he has some debts.  I asked the keeper to let the debts slide for a bit and he agreed.

The man was as ugly as the day is long, scarred, odd-looking long coat, crumpled hat, and some big metal pipe and a rapier at his side.  He was interested in joining us for the money.  I expected as much.  He went about his magic pipe.  I'm not sure what kind of odd magical contraption it is, but he seemed confident it would be handy.

As I was negotiating with Jericho, a rather rotund gentlemen in foreign clothing and with a heavy accent came in.  He immediately jumped in the conversation in hearing of the possibility of free room and board.  I told them I though I could get them free room and board and possibly wages from the sheriff for assisting.  Pajar, the very large fellow, seemed able enough with a staff and mace.

So we got underway and headed to the glassworks.  The store entrance was closed, the side entrance was closed.  Axle climbed on the roof to take a look in through the skylights.  There was someone inside in a glass box and other movement around.

The rest of the group was already bursting in; I tried to slow them down.  We got in an order and started going in.  Room after room, corridors, and finally a room with a huge pile of sand and an exterior door.  Under the guise of prayer, I summoned an unseen servant.  He might be handy.  Axle indicated the sand was the raw material for glass.  At the next door we heard goblin laughter.  We went in slowly.  Several goblins stood around a furnace room.  More emerged as the battle broke out.

Pajar was chastising the goblins as he battled, leaving them unsure and easy targets for the rest of us.  I cast grease on the fiery tongs one goblin held and he dropped them and the unseen servant kicked them away.  Jericho fire off loudy rounds from his so-called musket, nearly deafening me, but killing goblins each time.  Axle moved into position to stab the goblins from behind.

My scimitar and magic flowed and hacked away at the goblins.  Pajar, Axle, and Jericho all battled away.  It didn't take long to take care of all of the goblins.  In the center of the nearby alcove we found Amico's father, encased in glass and obviously dead.

Further search found a set of stairs downward.  A series of halls and rooms lead us eventually to a room with an unhappy half-elf in it, presumably Amico's brother.  We fought fiercely, but he made a run for it and got away.  Jericho nearly destroyed his gun in the fight. Searching the corridors we found a room with Amico locked in it.  She was badly hurt.  Pajar and Jericho left to take her to a nearby healer's place.

There were some very interesting papers.  They seemed to indicated that the brother was in league with a daughter of Tobyn.  Presumably she had died in the fire that killed Tobyn.  The letter spoke of raising and controlling something.  It all sounded pretty bad, like demon's blood flowed in the daughter, or was going to. Drawings of succubi seemed to indicate what she would become.  Tobyn's bones were taken for a ritual.

Axle and I searched on more passage and found it lead to the beach where an empty goblin camp remained. We ignored another rather large passage for the time being.  It was recently unsealed, so it was a different thing altogether.

The party gathered and we went on to inform the guard of what we had found.  They could take care of cleaning things up.  We agreed to rest before going back to explore.  I stopped in the local weapons shop and picked up a newer, heavier bow, and some more arrows.  Axle got some sort of pry bar.  We got rid of some of the loot we had found and I also got a bit better mithril shirt to go under my attire.  Its a lot tougher than leather and yet still lets me move freely.

I stopped again at the temple to find out who presided over the burial of tobyn and his daughter.  Either she alive or dead or something else entirely was going on.  They directed us to an old time in the graveyard.  Two bodies were buried, and one was a young girls found with Tobyn.  There was no identification, but it was a chaotic time, so perhaps it wasn't Tobyn's daughter.  (Hmmm... I should have asked where she was buried.)

We went back to the Rusty Dragon -- or it is the Red Dragon -- I don't recall.  Anyway we went back to rest.