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20 Questions

From here.

1.  Ability score generation method?
Best 3 of 4d6 and use them in any order.  If you have 2 below 10 or no 18 you can re-roll (all of them).

2.  How are death and dying handled?
Pathfinder rules:  you are dead when you go below your negative constitution.  0 and negative are unconscious but heal-able.  Don't forget to stabilize -- I'll even give you a condition card to remember.

Exception:  If you have a karma point you can use it to instantly stabilize at 0 hit points or get a save from death.

3.  What about raising the dead?
If there is a recoverable body, you can raise the dead.  No body = really, really dead.

Sorry Wil Wheaton -- Aoefel + acid = really, really dead, unless your party pulls him out quickly.

4.  How are replacement PCs handled?
Replacement PCs are inserted wherever in the game makes sense.  I let the new PC and the party drive how/why they get integrated into the party.  PCs are rolled at the lowest party member's level.

"As you enter the ne…

Stubbornness for the Door that was not There

So the great band of unnamed adventurers set out from Innsbruck for the Dungeon of Ruins.  The path across dirt wagon path through the meadows and snow of the region found them only one bit of brief company.  A large Mithral Hauler crossed their path for a few brief seconds as it thundered the trail from Van Guard to Innsbruck and beyond.

From the tales of the Alternate North:

"Land pirates, some people call them.  Dwarven gypsies.  Bullette trains.  Rumble wagons, as the gnomes call them.  These dwarven freight caravans are used exclusively for the transport of mithral across Faerun.  Developed by Dargo Heavyhammer, Mithral Haulers are an oddity of transportation.  They consist of a long set of mithral rods, interconnected with mithral chain and finally hooked on the front and back to massive yokes.  The mithral rods are then run underneath of huge caravan wagons that they are attached to.  The caravan wagons may be set up for cooking, quarters, or, most likely, hauling mithral.  …

Pathfinder Traps: Searching and Perception

We have been playing very lax with traps to date.   After some research I proposed the following method for dealing with traps which seems fully consistent with pathfinder rules:

In order to search for traps, one must state that the character is searching.  You must move at half speed.  You search all areas within 10 feet of your path.  Rogues with trapspotting get the full effect, but can move at normal speed and do not need to state that they are searching. Without moving, the character can search a 5 square by 5 square area centered on the character.  
Perception is rolled once (hidden, aka. by GM) per round for each searching character.  Searching is assumed to use all senses to observe all adjacent surfaces (ceiling, walls, etc) within 10 feet of the searcher.  Searching more than 10 feet from the character can be specifically requested (i.e. I want to search the ceiling.) but will have a distance modifier (+1 DC/10 feet) and may be affected by the range of sense.  Searching inside…

CR of Mages and Fighters

It seems that there is a slight discrepancy between 1 on 1 CRs of fighter-style classes vs magic classes.  A CR 1 mage is going to get taken out by a fighter.  A CR 6 fighter and mage seem on equal ground.  Above CR 6, the mage seems to have the advantage.  If this is the case, maybe the APL should really take this into account.

Consider my barbarian attack.  The barbarian encounter was meant to be a tough encounter at CR 8 with the party APL at 5 / CR of 6.  However the APL was closer to 3 with a party of 6 ending in a CR of 4.  But with the bard and sorcerer, the CR of the party is probably only 3.5.  CR 8 vs CR 3.5 = slaughter, which is exactly what we saw.

If I half the number of barbarians, the CR drops to 6 and is probably still too hard because of the low level bard and sorcerer.  Drop another barbarian and it should be about right.  We should test on this one.

I need to keep this in mind in the future.  And we'll revisit when the magic users hit level 6.

Death by Barbarian and Much Ado about Quasit

The trip from Innsbruck found the gnome driving the wagon and the rest of the crew in the wagon, weapons ready in case of bad things.  The first day found a nearby pack of wolves but they sped the wagon and got away.  The warded traveler's camp let them get a full night's rest without incident.

Mid morning of the second day though they were attacked by barbarians, presumably from Griffon's Nest.  The encounter was meant to be challenging, but with most of the party having forgotten to level up, and with the bard and sorceress unable to fight effectively, it turned into a TPK in the making.  3 characters dropped quickly and karma points kept two of them from the true death.  The third lie bleeding.  With no paladin, ranger, or tiger on their side, the group was feeling hopeless.

The remaining luckily had insight that the barbarians were after their wagon and horses, since they had little else.  The dwarf grabbed the horses and offered them up in return for his fallen comra…

What to do with a Quasit

So in a previous encounter, the group let a Quasit loose, and for this, there must be consequences.  I recently read a story about a quasit that used his cunning to get a blue dragon addicted to a drug and then used it to control him.  Quasits, also per reading, like urban areas where they can torture many people.

Some options:

Demons like control.  Have this quasit take control of someone or somethingHaving the quasit drug someone or something is interesting.With invisibility, it makes it easy for the quasit to collect information and blackmail someoneProbably smart enough to trap or abduct someoneDemons are mischievious.  A quasit could start a conflict.Orcs, goblins, and other beings could be talked into attacking.There are barbarians in the area.The quasit could help get the group into trouble directly.StealingMaking comments in the local pubGremlin like breaking of things.What was that little floating future guy on Flintstones?Maybe the quasit will become the servant of one of the…

The White Dragon

The bard player was running late tonight, but the group decided to storm in after the dragon in his absence.  I may a GM call and put the bard out of the way and started his performance to give the group a bit of a boost.  I thought they would needed it.  Both the bard was happy to be helpful and the group was happy to have the help.  Several rolls would have gone the wrong way without him.
So previously the rogue attempted to pry a glass jewel loose from the casting circle.  It broke, release a burst of undirected wild magic, resulting in the rogue double in size.  Thus the 12 1/2 foot tall half-elf decides to attempt an act of desperation to take out the dragon to get to the gold hoard.  Grabbing the large cauldron, he dashes into the room and slams the cauldron down onto the dragon's head (passing both a dexterity check and a strength check to do it).

As a result, the first blast of the dragon's breath weapon is used to shatter the cauldron rather than to freeze heroes …

Guards and Demons

4 shadows quickly became 4 large armored guards and the group stumbled into battle.  Too quickly the paladin fell.  The group came under heavy attack and many were near death.  The dwarf and ranger continue fighting.  The gnome sorceress hides with the tiger.  The bard plays a song to help the group.

A final guard left alive pushes a red ring on his hand and dives through a rune-covered wall.  The bard tries numerous times to use the rings to run through the wall, banging his head each time, despite knowledge that the rings will only work for undead.  The group carefully enters the next room.  The paladin gives the bard a shove to send him in, verifying that there are not traps.  The group finds a rune-covered dais with a large glass container holding a small quasit demon.  The demon talks to the group, enticing them to release him.  The bard, gnome, and dwarf quickly determine and cast the appropriate spell, and the dwarf applies his axe to shatter the container.  The quasit demon, g…