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Why Do I Prep?

So I don't have to draw maps or explain complex tactical situations at the tableSo I can have the right terrain and minisSo I can prepare dynamic lighting and tokens in roll20So I can prepare music and background soundscapesSo I can practice appropriate voices before the sessionSo I don't forget my best ideasSo I can collect and organize my thoughts about all the things that could happenSo I can think about NPCs and foes and their motivationsSo I can take the time to create and scale just the perfect foes to move the spotlight around in the partySo I can bring fresh new ideas to the table without falling back on things I have already used and am comfortable withSo I can plan literary style elements like foreshadowing and foilsSo I don't waste time thinking and letting players get boredSo I can choose the best way to handle different potential sceneSo I can work in connections between PC backstories and the plotSo I can practice pronunciation of new namesSo I can use a prem…