Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gencon 2015 and What it Means to Me

I'm not going to be at Gencon this year.  Spring of 2014 I severely injured my back and I have been recovering ever since.  As the stars of Gencon rise this year, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with perhaps returning to work in my future this fall.  And next year, I look forward to being able to attend Gencon.  Next year I will be in good enough shape to walk all over without issue for the first time in many years.  2016 Gencon is a big goal for me now.

Gencon, just like a weekly game, can be a big source of joy for a lot of people.  It certainly is for me. At the end of the day, know that our hobby brings happiness to a lot of people, and that is something both to be proud of and to respect.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Karola ir'Tennet of Karrnath

Sunday nights I started playing in a new game in Ebberon.  Last time in Ebberon I played a bard.  This time I wanted a different kind of character.

Karola ir'Tennet is a noble, granddaughter of the minister of Korth, sent to track down Emerald Claw enemies in Xen'drik.  She is a trained assassin (rogue) and vengeance paladin of Dol Dorn, trying to earn military glory in her homeland.

Karola wears black armor so she can sneak more easily.  She wears a shield and carries a rapier to kill those in her way.  When possible, she lunges at her victims when they are not looking, killing them outright, if possible.

She moves quickly, dashing around the battle, taking stabs and then taking cover.  When the kill shot comes, she reinforces it with the smite of her god.

Karola speaks with a thick Eastern European style of accent.  She reminds me most of Aeryn Sun from Farscape. She is militaristic and hurts as easily with words as with a blade.  She is initimidating when she needs to be.  Her eye is ever on the prize.

She cares what other people think of her.  What good is it to be excellent in military service if you can't also be celebrated. She keeps a cook and squire with her to deal with mundane matters.  Gwen, the minstrel, bard and writer, tags along to record her adventures.

Karola sees people as tools to get what she wants.  She does not back down.  She isn't stupid though and will not get killed no matter the situation.  She accomplishes her goal and stays alive.

Karola wears her family signet in her right hand gauntlet.  When very angry, she can punch a table and leave an impression of it behind, a lingering specter of her anger.

Karola, above all else, can take whatever attacks, mental, physical, social, that you throw at her and they fall to the ground around her.  She is tough in ways that most people cannot fathom.  She tries very hard to not care about anyone.

Perhaps on this adventure, she will fail at that.