Sunday, June 30, 2013

A New Destination: Battleship Island

Straight out of Google Maps, here is a destination I'll be using sooner or later in one of my modern games.

View Hashima Island in a larger map

The above comes from this fascinating article on the island.  Go read it.

Aerial view (Copyright: Gakuranman)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pathfinder Character Generator

I am a big fan of using a character generator in Pathfinder to help get better access to all of the character options.  I also think it can be useful for what-if exploration of where a player may want to take their character.

A player pointed out PCGen (FREE) to me today and it appears to support a lot of Pathfinder options.  Please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback on it in the comments below.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Night One-Shot Pathfinder: Dravens' Bluff

A new party has ventured into the swamp to rescue their 3 comrades from certain death.  There, the Dravens have set up a fortified position in some old ruins.

So the party consists of: (comment if I get a name wrong)

  • Kaleb the Rogue who rides a Griffon
  • Barbarian named Yuckles
  • Roderick the cleric
  • Paladin named Thantos
  • Ceebs Enchantress

The initial approach took them across a bridge that was trapped.  The rogue found the trap and dsiabled it without issue.  Across the bridge there was a building with no roof left and stone walls standing.  The rogue rushed in to find a lion and a druid from the Dravens.  The druidwarned the adventurers to leave.  The barbarian attacked and the druid turned into a triceratops.  Overhead a hippogriff flew with a crossbowman and an alchemist dropping bombs.  The lion got hit and withdrew.  The druid got hammered.  The griffon got hit by a bomb and set on fire.  A cast of hideous laughter sent the hippogriff out of range while the druid withdrew.

The part headed farther into the swamp, awakening a 10-headed hydra.  It attacked the paladin, rogue, and griffon before Ceebs put it into a dep slumber with a spell.  The paladin dug around in the swamp nearby and found an orc leg.  Heading farther into the swamp, the paladin found a dire crocodile that grappled him.  His companions rushed to help and beat on the creature again and again as it swallowed Thantos whole.

With the bad luck behind them (maybe), they headed to the main entrance of the ruins.  The rigue, searching for traps, cause a loud click as she stepped onto the stairs.  Eventually she just stepped off with no immediate effect and headed up to the next set of stairs.  There was a trap with spears that would shoot out of the  faces of the steps, discovered by the rogue.
This will continue next session in two weeks.  (We're taking the 4th off.)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GM Prep for Thursday

Shadowrun: The Take

When last we left the band of misfit Shadowrunners, they had found the place where the music disk they were seeking was going to be converted.  Through a deal with the hacker group, they were going to get a copy of the data and know when the group would be arriving.

My Black and Ender set up in the space to watch.  Void hid in the van inside an adjacent crumbling brick building.  Vee his around the corner from the entrance with a big gun and some grenades.

The large limo pulls up.  Two big trolls get our of the front and open the rear doors.  Two more trolls get out with a man in a business suit and walk inside.  The disk gets converted and the data is handed to the suit.  They are walking back out the door.  Mr. Black tries to stop them, but doesn't.

Ender and Mr. Black both missed the device the suit dropped inside.  Outside, Vee throws an incendiary grenade, not realizing the range of it.  She catches the trolls, car, and building on fire.  The delay or the blast itself triggers the explosive to go off inside the building.  Ender and Mr. Black are practically dead.  Vee hops in the van, Void rams through the building.  A glitch results in the van being stuck in the building wall.

Vee jumps out and grabs the guys.  Void backs the van out and heads for Vee's medic friend's place.  2000 nuyen and a day later, the boys are patched up.  In the meantime, Vee goes back and recovers the hardware from the disk reader.  The limo is gone.  It's hard to tell what that means, and she doesn't spend time snooping.

She doesn't know how to operate it, but with a need for money, she takes the whole thing into V-Worx where Void and Vee meet up with Spinner.  Spinner gets Eula to pull the data and the party gets payed.  Spinner isn't happy about the way things went.

In the downtime over the next week, the runners work their day jobs, Void gets the van repaired and a morphing license plate added.

And so we start the new campaign...

Spinner calls and early morning meeting at V-Works.  The job is a grab and call job.  Spinner supplies a video clip of the target, presumably video footage of him in a cell.  They also get a name -- Weldon.

Much to the disappointment of Mr. Black, Ender spends several hours registering a sprite to do the search that fails.  He ends up paying Eula to do the search.   They get three hits on pictures of the guy.  One is near Ares.  The other two are 3 blocks apart in the Security Zone.

The group loads up and heads for the SZ.  After an annoying argument between Mr. Black and Ender, Vee shoots them both with gel rounds and shoves them in the van.

This part of the SZ is all SZI shacks -- SZI being a real estate company that bought up most of the vacant properties in the security zone.  SZI shacks are buildings rented out for whatever purposes.  For Shadowrunners they can be safe houses, drop points, or whatever.  Vee and Void have been through here before when smuggling.

The place is a ghost town.  Ender and Black, now awake, are helping take a look.  Ender gets a bit edgy.  There is security gear here, but no people, and that means no normal commlinks.

After cruising around, they split up and search houses for people.  They find a house with a heat signature.  Ender and Black go around front; Vee and Void watch the back.  Black rings the doorbell and someone goes flying out of the upper story window.  The chase begins but Vee ends it with a gel round.

They cuff him and call Spinner.  The suspect says they shouldn't do this, that it will end badly.  Spinner says Areas is coming to pick him up.  They drag him to the vehicles.  He cuts through the cuffs with some sorts of cutter and a weapon pops out of his arm.  He fires 3 quick blasts as he is running away and the better part of 3 houses is gone.  The party calls back Spinner and tells him that the guy is escaped.  Spinner lets them know that Ares is coming one way or another, and they probably won't be happy if the guy isn't there.

Rise of the Runelords: Playing Once Again

I've joined a game as a player recently, and though getting enough players started out a little shakey, it looks like we are going strong now.

In the first session, there were only two players, so we each played 2 characters each, a primary and a backup.  We've dropped our backup with the arrival of new players.

My primary character is Ranier, a male human magus, who tries to portray himself as just a ranger.  When his powers first manifested, he accidentally shocked his sibling to death.  With this deep hurt heavy on his heart, he goes out into the world seeking redemption for what he feels is an unforgivable sin.  Under the weight of this legacy, he still isn't pulled completely into fighting for good and law.  Instead he is looking for things worthy to atone and in between follows a path of balance.  When a man has done something so bad, why should little bad or good things even matter.  More will come about Ranier.

My backup character was a dwarven fighter named Grievley.  His family's honor was tarnished by the actions of his youngest son and Grievely left and went out into the world, convinced that if he slayed a large enough monster and returned with its head, he could win back his honor.  Grievley complains a lot, probably most owed to his lack of funds.  Out in the world he tries to make way until he can find his big kill.

Dante the Paladin, aka "shiny armor", and Baiku, a tengu skills bard, joined my two characters for the first session.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead.


So the party starts in Sandpoint at the Swallowtail festival.  There are festivities.  Ranier, as a student of the ancients (a fact he uses to cover his nightly studies of magic), pokes around asking about ruins, the church, and such.  Grievely tries to drink the hagfish water with his last gold coin and comes up just a bit short, vomiting all of it out again.  Being broke leaves him really sour.

Goblins attack and the party goes to work.  Ranier has a guard dog, and a couple of bad strikes from the goblins leave him down.  Ranier gets in a couple of assaults before he has to drop back to his bow.  The dwarf, unable to get his tower shield and battleaxe out quickly, grabs his halberd instead and just goes nuts.  Arrows are flying and goblins are getting clobbered.  Between the four PCs, all of the goblins get killed and then some.

We get dragged off to another section where a man is about to be attacked by a goblin rider.  The paladin rushes in to attack while the dwarf defends the man.  More arrows fly and the goblin rider and dog are down.  3 goblins try to get away through an open gate.  One escapes, but one finds himself struck by the falling porticullis.  A little clean up and the threat is over.

The heroes enjoy free room and board and much spectacle.  Back at the inn, Ranier takes care of his dog, Sol.  The dwarf grumbles a lot about not getting paid.  There is food and ale and a good night's sleep.

Eventually to get paid, they agree to help the sheriff check out an opened tomb.  Inside they find two skeletons that the melee attacks quickly extinguish.  There is a used magical robe and a set of remains missing.  Oh, and a dead goblin.  (There are other clues being pieces together, but I'm not going to go into that.)

The paladin has meanwhile picked up a fanboy from the goblin rider attack, a Mr. Foxglove.

I'm sure I've left some things out.


Session two, we end up back at the sheriff's place.  Ranier and Dante hire on as unofficial protectors of the town.  Baiku and Grievley decline and fall out of the story.  There is then a hunt with Alderan Foxglove, the paladin's number one fan.  Joining them is a cleric (pregen char for one of the new players) and Axle, a half-elf rogue, who both won a contest at the festival to be part of the boar hunt.

The hunt is on foot with spears and just a moment in, the guide is down and getting clobbered.  The paladin and cleric engage the boar head on, while Ranier stays back.  Axle is sneaking around trying to get in a good strike.

The boar is just really fast in the high grass and appears and disappears.  Ranier keeps trying to get his bow on target but can't seem to hit anything.  The melee attackes get in some hits.  Foxglove runs away, grabs a horse, and takes off.  Ranier tries to maintain cover for himself, but under the guise of helping the paladin, follows the paladin after Foxglove and then returns when he does.  Not liking the spread of the group, Ranier eventually drops his bow, grabs up his scimitar, and readies an action.  The boar hits the rogue first, then comes at Ranier, who finally downs the creature and it collapses on his feet.

The party, wounded and beat up, but victorious, heads back to the village with the largest boar hunted down in years.  At the stables they meet an elven Cleric (new PC) who takes charge of the kill and delivers it to the rusty dragon for roasting.

With new gold in hand, the party hits the general store just before closing.  Ranier haggles down the price for a traveler's anytool that can be used as a number of tools in a pinch.  The derpy cleric (the pregen so called because of his apparent lack of wisdom or intelligence or something) ends up breaking an item and getting in big trouble with the shopkeep.  The store closes and they are off to the inn.

The elven cleric is there, enjoying the feast, as is the rest of the party (two clerics now, paladin, rogue, and Ranier).  Ranier is trying to hit on local women, boasting ever more of his great deeds with help from the local bard Sedric, but finds the only one available is already taken.  He sends the derpy cleric on the same course, only to have him find out the woman is the daughter of a now even more enraged general store owner.

There is a brief violent, disurbing interlude between Amico, the inn owner, and her father.  Ranier keeps his cool, opting to try to intimidate the man, but he is too irate.  Shiny armor jumps in and tries to calm things, helping her get free of the old curmudgeon that is her father.  The bard spills the story of the girls and her father, which I won't repeat here.

The group is eventually approached by a woman who's house has been invaded by something.  The party goes in cautiously, finding the dog and husband dead at the hands of a goblin.  The party attacks it, and in another lucky shot, Ranier gets in a hit with a charged true strike.  Still no one thinks he has magic and he gets in a second kill shot for the day.

The party gets the local guards to clean up the mess, while the paladin breaks the bad news to the widow.  The party gets some sleep (and a level) and starts out the new day.  It turns out Amico is missing and it looks like an interesting letter points the way of her disappearance.


Having two players and the GM in the first session mad role-playing somewhat forced at best, with a high likelihood of having players talk to themselves.  With five players, the second session was a lot better, and I'm starting to get a feel for Ranier.  With an 18 intelligence and a true neutral attitude, playing with people is how he has fun, especially after a couple of ales.  He is quick to gain confidence from a good day.  The need for redemption means he doesn't turn down a fight for the right reasons, even though it is for purely selfish reasons.

The paladin is a nice foil for Ranier.  Played as not the usual goody two shoes, Dante has a genuine concern for people, that Ranier can understand but just doesn't have.  For Ranier, the paladin is a convenient way for him to dodge the burdens of dealing with people when his performs one of his acts of redemption.

For Ranier, hiding his secret magic is a tactical challenge.  For now, he isn't doing anything flashy.  Sooner or later someone is going to see something, and he is going to have to find an explanation.

In the future, I'll probably write posts from Ranier's perspective.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Player Advice: My Two Cents

Apparently there is a lack of player advise in the realms.  It is one of those things as a GM that I hadn't really thought about.  It makes sense though.  Motivated people really into gaming, the kind that would maintain blogs, also would have a tendency to become GMs and so blogs are GM focused.

Being a player is hard.  As a player you only control one small piece of a bigger picture, and it is very easy for someone else to come through and take your thunder.  In the past, I have posted some player tips (look here),  So to help the greater community, I will try to post more player tips.

So here is my top ten players tips today:

  1. Make an Impression -- Too many players don't ever get the point across in the game as to what their character is all about.  If you're in that mode, stop, pick a spot in the game, and start role playing with you other players to start building a view of your character in the other players' (and GM's) minds
  2. Talk to / Help Your GM  -- GMs are people too.  Talk to them.  Tell them when they do good, tell them when you wish they'd change something, tell them when you're looking for something new.  Tell them where you're headed with your character.  Tell them what magic gear you are looking for.  Giving them information and feedback makes the game better and helps the GM.  Tell them when you need a text if there is no game tonight.  Reward them whenever and however you can.  Helping carry a bag, bringing in a bag of chips, or just helping look up a rule all let them know you appreciate what they do.
  3. Be Prepared -- This applies to both when you arrive for the game and when your turn rolls around in the game.  Try to split your focus between what is going on in game and what you want to do next.
  4. Talk to the Other Players -- Talk to the other players OOC to discuss the bigger picture as well as the current tactical picture.  Also, remember, that often the best plotting and scheming happens after the game on email or texts.  Your membership in the game doesn't end from the time until this session ends until the next session begins -- stay connected.  This often plays into Being Prepared.
  5. Deconflict Your Character -- and help others do the same.  Deconflict means that your character and other characters have different roles and different strengths for those roles.  If you are the rogue in the group who takes care of traps, you don't want another person building a trap rogue with a higher speed and better stats, because then you don't get to shine.  Deconflicting characters is mostly about communicating with other players during character creation to the full spectrum is covered.  This, of course, has to be balanced with what everyone wants to play.  If everyone in the party wants to play a cleric, go for it.  Just make sure you have different strengths and all your skills are covered.
  6. Take Notes -- The GM usually isn't talking for no reason.  He is telling you relevant information through NPCs and narration.  Take the time to write it down, with names and places, so you can solve the mysteries and speculate at the connections in the game.  Also, make sure the loot gets written down by everyone.  If someone leaves the group, you don't want to lose everything.
  7. Avoid Distractions -- Building dice towers, ordering pizza, reading and sending texts and email, and having loud conversations about non-game topics all distract from the game, as do a lot of other things.  Avoid all these temptations during the game, or at least, keep them to a minimum.
  8. Play Your Character -- This is hard.  Try not to focus on everything.  Try not to focus on what other players should be doing.  Play your character.  If your character wants another character to do something, let them know in character.  Don't focus on "winning".  The story of the journey is the point of the game.  Keep in mind that in all good stories, the characters grow from what they started as to something more (and I'm not talking about combat).
  9. THINK --  This is one of the biggest frustration for GMs -- that players do not take the time to stop and think.  There are clues constantly being dropped by the GM.  The players need to pick up those clues (see Taking Notes) and try to put them together.  In addition, players need to think a few moves ahead.  Sure you are going to blow up the bridge now, but what impact is that going to have on the bigger picture?
  10. Avoid Bleed -- Bleed is when the in-game emotions and out of game emotions start to cross the invisible barrier between game and real-world.  Bleed is almost always bad.  If you feel really bad when your character dies, that is bleed.  If you get frustrated with another player and take it out on them in the game, that's bleed.  If you get backstabbed in the game and take it out on another players, that's bleed.  Most games that people play are not designed for bleed, save for the simple truth that the player is not supposed to want their character to die.  Everything else is annoying at best and dangerous at its worst.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thursday Night Pathfinder: The End of the Pyramid Campaign

The story starts with the enemy army attacking and everyone in place, having previously set up a strategy with Eliminster and the rest of the army leaders.

  • Galanth is leading the Lord's Alliance Army against the incoming army
  • Malachi, the gnome high sorcerer, lead the gnome army against the incoming army
  • Victaerrus and Roderick with his bear prepare to battle the Nightwatchman, a foe from Innsburck that the party had previously met but were unable to defeat.
  • Corrail and Yuri lined up against the Lich Necromancer
  • Khalil and his godly mac lined up against the dragon Shardosferin
  • Elminster climbed aboard Palarandusk to take out the incoming army from the air.
The battle began and Corrail lined up against the Lich.  The lich summoned his undead golem, a hideous creature with four arms and four legs built of undead pieces.  Corrail took out the golem.

The Nightwatchman charged at Vic and Roderick.  Vic nailed him with a readied action and Roderick bashed him with an attack of opportunity as he came into range.

The dragon cast spells at Khalil and Khalil fought back with his mace.

Arrows flew and the Lich tried to nail Corrail with a pit.  He dodged it.

Vic and Roderick and the bear finished off the Nightwatchman.  Elminster flicked his wrist and teleported them to help Corrail.

Khalil got enveloped in a cloud of acid from the dragon's breath.  He called for help and Elminster gave him a boost.

Meanwhile the armies clashed in the valley below.  Elminster and Palaranduck made strafing runs and Elminster cast tons of fireballs.

One the temple and evil goddess appeared starting some sort of ritual.  Other gods and godesses appeared, some in support of the ritual, some trying to stop it.  Oghma, Lathander, and Psion lined up against Sseth, Malar, and Talona. 

The lich cast black tentacles and grappled all of the party.  Using a combination of extreme desire and extreme luck, the party was able to extricate themselves.  The lich made darkness fall over the battlefield.

The dragon pounded away at Khalil and Khalil pounded back.  Both were bleeding heavily and hurt by the fight.

The lich went down and the rest of the party went to aid Khalil against the dragon.

Meanwhile, the ritual neared its end when darkness streaked into the sky.  A black rift opened.

Mystra appeared but it was too late.  Shar, in all her glory, escaped the shadow plane she was imprisoned in and appeared on the altar.  The gods continued to battle.

The enemy army was nearly eliminated.

Elminster teleported part of the party behind the dragon, so Shardosferin was flanked and outnumbered.  He dropped just as a disintegration ray streaked toward Roderick, saving him from certain death.

Through the rift a very massive object started to fall.  It was Shade, the Netherese city that had long ago been saved from Karsus's folly when it was blinked there.  Now it was back and falling toward the gnome city.  Black smokey shadowy energery fell with it.

The enemy army was done and the Lord's Alliance army was chasing stragglers on the mountain.

Gods scattered and Malachi jumped upon the temple to cast a spell to protect the gnomish city.  The effects of the ritual had left a hypermagic field there.  His spell formed a bubble over the entire valley.  The party peered through it into the valley, watching the smokey shadow energy wash over the gnomes.

Shade crashed into the bubble and stopped, hanging there.

Inside the bubble, the party noticed that things were speeding up.  Faster movement, blurs, and then buildings being torn down and rebuilt.  Time in the bubble was passing by at decades per second.  

Elminster and Palarandusk flew to the rift.  Khalil and others channeled energy toward them and Elminster blasted away at the rift, until in one large blast the rift was gone, but so were Elminster and Palarandusk.

Large balloon-like shapes began to appear in the gnomish sky.  Then, all at once they started to move and left the bubble, returning to normal speed.  Huge airships carried the gnomes, now darkened in color, almost like Svirfneblin, away.  All of the were leaving.  One airship crashed as it exited the bubble, but by the time it hit the ground in normal time, the gnomes were all gone off of it in hypertime.

With the gnomes gone the bubble began to blink and gain holes.  The city of Shade teetered.  The bubble then blinked out completely.  The Shade city crashed into the valley, nearly filling it, and sending the party to the ground.  The city of Shade was heavily damaged.

The party began scouting the mountain and found the airship and a handy old Dwarf named Findle.  He seemed enamored with the ship and offered to fix it up.

Galanth caught up with the group.  He had an amulet from Elminster.  It told of a new quest to find the gnomes and take back the godly Mace of the Sun that they had stolen from Khalil.  

And so that ends the campaign of the Pyramids:
  • All of the Pyramid Necklaces were destroyed.
  • The necromancer lich was dead, though an expedition will be sent out to find and destroy his phlactery.
  • The dragon Shardosferin is dead.  His horde is rumored to lie in the Darkhold to be plundered.
  • The party has a Keep and an Airship (that needs rebuilt).
  • The old wizard Pharalyn has been banished to the Abyss.
  • Elminster and Palarandusk are lost to the planes, but I'm sure an expedition will be sent to find them.
  • Shar is released from her prison.
  • The city of Shade now sits in a mountain valley in the Sword Mountains between Waterdeep and Neverwinter.
  • The party lives and has reached level 13.


Thursday Night Pathfinder: Sneaking Around

So the party had the job of sneaking into the enemy army camp and getting their plans of attack.  Given a map of the camp, the party planned to take control of one of the outer edge scouting group camps and then sneak in.

The party snuck up on the camp.  From 500 feet away they could see that there were 3 guards.  One was waving around a torch every few minutes while looking left and then right.  The player/character correctly discerned that they were sending signals to adjacent scout camps.  Oh, and there was a guard dog.

Sneaking closer to the camp, they found the mechanism for the scout camps to work so effectively.  Every 20 feet or so, there was an item that was alarmed (per the spell) in the tall pine forest.  The party contemplated climbing over (radius = 20 feet), but ultimately Khalil talked Ali (catfolk monk) into getting into a bag of holding for "the climb".  He then dimension door'd and "let the cat out of the bag", so to speak.  (Pun intended by the player.)

The party quickly took out the 3 guards and guard dog.  Ali learned the signals, kept the signal going, and then handed it off to Vic for her to stay there and maintain the scout camp.

The party has disguised themselves using magical means to look to fit in, with the exception of Corrail who tried to stay out of sight.  The group walked farther into the camp, noticing that the enemy army was mostly gathered around campfires and drinking heavily.  The party decided to act drunken and stumble through camp.

The party got to HQ and checked it out.  The dragon, Shardosferin, a quake dragon from the shadow plane that lead the army was slumbering outside the main HQ tent.  The necromancer from Waterdeep, now a complete Lich, was just arriving.  The party magically jumped to the other side of the wall.

Before the party could sneak in, the old wizard Pharalyn arrived and the Lich came out to meet him.  There was a brief argument over the old wizard's failure and the two exchanged spells with fury.  The lich laughed off the old wizard's disintegration spell and banished Pharalyn to the Abyss.  The lich left.

The party snuck into the tent and started grabbing everything they could get their hands on.

Unfortunately, the Lich stopped back to talk to the dragon briefly.  The dragon and the lich agreed to throw out their previous plans and attack at dawn a day later.

More troops were moving quickly in Vic's direction mumbling something about a problem with the security signal.  The group realized that Vic was about to get caught.  They gathered up, teleported to get Vic, and then teleported to get out.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Starting a New Game: The Bootstrapping Method

As pointed out by other GMs, starting a new game can be tough.  There is, however, one method that is tried and true, for just this sort of problem.  In these cases, many GMs bootstrap their campaigns by starting with a prewritten module or adventure and then move on into their own campaign ideas.

I've used this before with my pirates campaign.  Sure, I was comfortable with the idea of pirates and the big picture, but getting down to the nuts and bolts of what happens on a pirate ship was new.  So I grabbed the Wormwood Mutiny and started out with that story.  When the party got to a point that I wanted depart on my own adventure, we jumped the path and went on our merry way.

The nice thing also with starting out on an adventure path is that adventure paths are already set up to provide a step-by-step learning experience.  Each new thing is learned in a specific encounter.  These build up all the pieces up front needed to define the world.

So next time you are starting a new game and need a hand, grab a module and drive on.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Expected Damage Corrected

So I finally got around to making a spreadsheet for expected damage.  It can be downloaded here.  Leave a comment if you would like to see it in a different format.

The formula for expected damage with criticals is now give by this equation:


Phit = Probability of Hit = (20-(AC-Attack))/20; 1/20

Mdmg = Mean Damage =(Max Damage + Min Damage)/2

Mdmg, crit = Mean damage that is multiplied by a crit

Pcrit = Probability of a crit = Crit Rolls / 20

Crit Rolls = the number of side on the d20 that result in a crit (so 17-20 would be a crit roll of 4)

CritM = crit multiplier

Some example numbers:
Expected Damage ED no Crit Prob of Crit Prob of Hit Target AC Attack Bonus Critical Rolls Crit Multiplier Min Damage Max Damage
3.675 3.5 0.05 0.5 20 10 1 2 2 12
3.85 3.5 0.1 0.5 20 10 2 2 2 12
4.025 3.5 0.15 0.5 20 10 3 2 2 12
4.2 3.5 0.2 0.5 20 10 4 2 2 12
3.85 3.5 0.05 0.5 20 10 1 3 2 12
4.2 3.5 0.1 0.5 20 10 2 3 2 12
4.55 3.5 0.15 0.5 20 10 3 3 2 12
4.9 3.5 0.2 0.5 20 10 4 3 2 12
4.025 3.5 0.05 0.5 20 10 1 4 2 12
4.55 3.5 0.1 0.5 20 10 2 4 2 12
5.075 3.5 0.15 0.5 20 10 3 4 2 12
5.6 3.5 0.2 0.5 20 10 4 4 2 12

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thursday Night Pathfinder: Death of an Old Friend

The party continued with the battle against the old wizard Pharalyn and the few survivors of his army.  They had surrounded the camp, splitting the party into lone individuals and attack during daylight and the strategy did not pay off.  Felix was killed by five of the enemy forces wielding rapiers.

Pharalyn was becoming annoyed by the catfolk wielding a rather unpredictable magic rod.  He target the rod outright and blasted it into oblivion with acid.  Pinnacle got off a spell and then withdrew (his player was absent this week).  The battle raged on with arrows and spells flying.

Ali the monk, Corrail the ranger, and Khalil the cleric gathered and prepared for an assault.  Unfortunately a group of four sorcerers sneaked out of the ruins, got line-of-sight, and blasted them with fireballs.  Corrail and Ali dodged out of the blast, but the cleric got his by the brunt of it.

The rapier-wielding militia pulled back from attacking Roderick and Victaerus, who his behind structure.  The militia looted Felix's corpse.  Pharalyn readied an action.  The cleric, who buffed himself to be larger, opened a doorway and stepped through with him and his two comrades, putting them within melee distance of the old wizard.  Upon seeing this, Pharalyn activated his magic and poofed himself and his surviving militia away.  As this all happened a large black shadow circled overhead.

They spied carefully at the very large bird -- some sort of giant raptor -- and some could make out the armor and the straps of a saddle.  The bird circled in and landed.  Corrail activated his charm and his griffin appeared.  Victaerus yelled out and Akkiko, the birds rider, greeted them with a "Hi".  Vic appeared, shield up and sword outstretched, not trusting the new arrival.  After a bit of banter, the cleric high-fived Vic, casting silence on her.  There was much rejoicing.

The tiger went to Felix and mourned sadly for him.  The party moved his body to a place in the ruins, and the cleric formed a grave out of the stone, and they laid Felix to rest.  The tiger left into the woods.

There was much discourse with the new stranger, speaking in riddles until Corrail figured out that the stranger was a scout from the gnome city, a member of the Lords Alliance army.  They teleported together to the city.

The gnome city was celebrating the victory at the Thornhold that night and yet still preparing for battle.  Elminster took them aside along with the lion-headed paladanic leader of the Lord Army, and gave them their new mission.  The enemy army camp was on the edge of the mountains and had already been mapped. They had to sneak in and get the attack plans from the main headquarters.  Oh, and there is a dragon.

In the meantime, festivities were getting underway, and since they had two days to accomplish their mission, they celebrated.  A group of commanders has paid a fortune teller woman to speak about the upcoming battle, and her words drew a large army.  She spoke of gods getting involved and riddles which foretold of the battle.

Roderick and Corrail went looking for the quartermaster and the mage's tent to get equipment and enchantments on their weapons.  Khalil talked to an old bard woman by the fire and Akkiko listened closely nearby.  With her help, Khalil tried to decipher the riddles of the old fortune teller.  After the old woman left, Akkiko had a great urge to leave come over him, and he returned to his great birds and slept.

An old man, white haired approached Khalil and pulled the Mace of the Sun from his robes, giving it to Khalil and speaking in riddles.  When Khalil grabbed the mace, it lit up in blue flame and he could feel the power.  The old man left.

Khalil talked again to the old woman and the fortune teller and got more riddles and some answers.

The party planned their incursion into the enemy camp.  They found the local made willing to do item enhancements at normal charges.  Mundane weapons, if they were available, were being handed out for free.  Magical items could be traded and bargained for at discounted prices.

A Few Notes

Really Funky Armor
Does that armor really have a mustache built in?

A Savage Worlds Cyberpunk
If you get a chance, check out Interface Zero, a savage worlds cyberpunk rules set and setting.
Interface Zero 2.0 was kickstarted and I am a backer.  It is under beta test and development and looks to be well thought out.  I can't wait to try it.

Ultimate Campaign
Mine will be arriving next week.  Paizo has been talking about it on their blog for weeks now.