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Back to Gaming Soon

Well, I think this summer allergy season is about over, so hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to gaming.

Special surprises are in the works for both the Monday night and Friday night crowds.


Obligatory gencon post:

I live two hours from Gencon.  Unfortunately, today was one of the worst allergy days of the year and my chances of going this weekend are nil.


To cheer myself up, I am taking mention of the 'gnomeling' race in one of the many blogs I read, and making it a pathfinder reality.

Gnomeling = half gnome, half halfling

Half halfling ... isn't that a quarterling?

A Couple of Kickstarters

I have become a big fan of kickstarters for RPG material.  A couple of the kickstarters I am excited about are in danger of not being funded.  Please take a look and see if you'd like to donate.  If you like them, please also pass the word along.

RPG and Miniature Gaming Battle Maps


Both projects have awesome artists that will be bringing them to life if they are funded.


Random Tables are hard to manage.  Either you have binders or books of paper, folders of files, or folders of links.  Once you search through these to find the table you want, there is still the matter of deciphering how to roll the table (imploding and exploding dice, rounding, complex dice formulas, cross references) and getting all the values recorded somewhere.  If you are recording things on a computer, this can mean a lot of typing.  All of this process goes against the basic premise of having a random result quickly when you need it.

JTableRoller is an 'alpha' version of a Table Handling tool.  You record all your tables as text files using a simple format (suitable for being easily built from a copy and pasted table or manually using a text editor).  You stick these text files in a directory.  JTableRoller automagically ingests these files on startup and gives you a drop down list of tables.  Choose a table, hit the Roll button, and the rolled results appear in a text …

Map of Waterdeep

A little eye-candy to get the players excited:  3' x 5' map of waterdeep: