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Projects Status: Stuff in Progress, Slow and Steady

These days I am getting maybe 2 segments of 3 hours a day where I am in relatively little pain, assuming I keep my activity limited.  Driving my wife to the store or going to the doctor pretty much knocks out the entire day for me, so I lose quite a few days a week.  Hopefully soon I will get this issue all resolved.

In the meantime, with no weekly game set up yet, I have turned my attention to using some of these little segments of times to work on gaming projects when I am not spending time with my family or handling other household things to do.  A little time scattered here in there can make at least some progress on getting things done.

So here is my list of gaming projects currently underway:

Port Wayne Cyberpunk Setting -- Originally this was a Shadowrun setting made up of a series of handouts and built off of the Shadowrun world and history.  I am revamping it into a single book that is all setting and no rules.  The world I am building it on is purposely left vague, but more o…

Sad Days: A Gamer without a Group

So my online game finally imploded with several players leaving, not showing up, or simply not putting in any time in the game.  With 8 players I thought I would be able to get a minimum of 4 per week, but it didn't work out.  *sigh*  I got tired of building a game that was never going to be played.

So I thought maybe I would look for a local game.  I put a notice out on craigslist and got no responses.  I can't find any evidence of a gaming group in the immediate area.  I guess I could drive 30 or 40 minutes to the big city area and see if I could find one to join.  Unfortunately, my back injury has recently gotten worse, and it just isn't going to be possible.

So, for now, this sad GM is watching MLP:FiM in preparation for Ponyfinder, reading up on D&D5 PHB, dabbling at painting minis, and hoping that I will recover soon.  It is just really sad for me to not have a game going right now.

Maybe sometime in the future I will start a new game online as a player or host a…

Painting as of Late

The first three are almost done.  Lots of other works-in-progress.

Ponyfinder: Ponies on the Brain

I am thinking about starting a Ponyfinder game very soon.  In preparation for this, I have been watching the cartoon  MLP: FiM.  So far, having watched the first two episodes, I am surprised, impressed, and slightly intimidated.  Unlike cartoons from my younger years, like Animaniacs, which had two sides to them, this cartoon has no "jokes for adults" written in.  It is pure, wholesome.  It is a level of cartoon purity I have not seen in years.

And by pure wholesome, I mean no violence, not even a real enemy.  They defeated the foe using honesty, laughter, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and friendship.  Friendship, of course, generated magic, but the magic didn't kill the foe, it turned it into a friend.

So, as an apprentice of Candlekeep, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter, and with the GM's heart of a dwarf, how am I supposed to GM a Ponyfinder game?  Will player's expect a wholesome "saving everyone" motif?  Is this the end of... dare I say it... com…

Friday Night Pathfinder Horror: Ghosts 'n' Stuff

So the party of 3 characters (Lillian, Morrigan, and Sagittarius) and an eidolon started exploring from the room where the 2 ogres had been previously killed.  The room had two apparent exits besides the door they came in.  To the south, there was a closed door.  A small tunnel, large enough to crawl through led to another small door.  The party checked out the door to the South, finding a room with 6 metallic urns circling about a well with a bucket.  There was hideous giggling in the room and the doors opened and closed by themselves, exposing a storage room to the south.  The auras of the room appeared to have an evil tint.  The party decided to explore the small tunnel rather than to deal with the "ghost" here.

The party opened the door and sent a rat into the room beyond the door.  The rat was able to spy a bedroom with bags against the double entry doors, and a large ogre with a club.  Unfortunately, the rat was quickly squashed and the party pulled back, closing the t…

Unrest in the Community: The Road to Peace through Inclusiveness

I follow Zak Smith who writes the Blog "Playing DnD with Porn Stars" (nsfw). It is interesting for those wanting to get a different perspective on a gaming group.  Zak seems to have gotten himself crossways with members of the community over his general attitude that discussions of feminism need to to be inclusive beyond the typical conservative elements that seem to drive feminism.  Zak has responded in his defense.  Still more interesting is an article from one of his players that puts their gaming group in perspective, as well as their reception by the gaming community.  I am the PinkDiceGM because I have an active interest in girls in gaming.  I have 4 daughters that I want to have good experiences in our hobby.  My conclusions thus far I think are rather interesting, though they don't really address the gaming community, especially with the strength that Zak has.

The most important aspect of our community of gamers is that it needs to be inclusive in every sense.  G…