Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Map

Here's a modern warehouse with living quarters that I've been working on for my Port Wayne game:

First Map with Campaign Cartographer

So for my first map with campaign cartographer, I needed to draw an underground Duergar city in the Darklands called Fellstrok.  The map itself would be used in Roll20, so I needed to keep the size reasonable.  I chose not to label it in CC, since I can overlay whatever info I want on the GM layer in Roll20.  By doing it there, I can plan out the layout on the fly, if needed.

So here is a look at it, reduced in size for sanity's sake.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pink Dice Cartography

So the games I am running online these days are running out of maps.  The internet is a decent resource, but very shallow.  So, since I am focusing on online gaming for now, I figured it was time to try my hand at cartography.

I looked around at various pieces of software and decided to go with ProFantasy's suite of tools:  Campaign Cartographer.  I got the bundle with the dungeon and city builders and picked up some extra symbols, in particular, for modern.

Installation is taking a while, but I hope to have it done tonight.  Over the next couple of weeks I'll see what I can come up with.  More info to come...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Moving Forward with Boots of Slow

Well the physical move of things is finishing up now.  Today I unpacked my first boxes which included, most importantly, a good portion of my desktop machine.  I haven't found the speakers yet, but I have my gaming headset.  There are no peripherals.  The network is also in a temporary configuration.  But overall things are up and running.

A word of advise for anyone moving:  if you possibly can, divide your tools into "must-haves" and "optional" sets.  Things in the "must haves" should be a hammer, power drill, hammer chisel, nails, screws, studfinder, battery charger, vise grips, pliers, etc.  Keep the must-haves with you if at all possible.

I learned this the hard way.  I can't mount my TV until I find my studfinder.  I spent over an hour today using my van to charge up the battery on my car.  *shrugs*  Things are moving forward, just as if I were wearing the boots of slow.

In game, its the same way.  It sure would be nice to have that wand of true strike about now if only I hadn't left it in the pack on the horse.  Or wow... I left that necklace of fireballs on my camel, didn't I?  That explains the mushroom cloud that used to be my party.  I guess camels can't make reflex saves very well.

I am quickly becoming a connoisseur of plumbers in the area with my second leak to be fixed since we bought the house.  I guess it is good prep, since I am building up to replacing the water heater.  For that, I need that +2 bonus on my appraise check.

Unfortunately I am failing all of my strength checks these days.  My arms are sore, I've nearly thrown my knee out, and my back is pulled.  Tomorrow involves me, a heating pad, and a comfy chair in front of the computer.  Roll my heal check.

Well, off to rest and get my spells back.  Night folks.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In game and out of game, weather can be a huge impact on the players and PCs.  This week, the worst snow storm in around 35 years has hit my area and left us buried in several inches more of snow than I have ever seen in my 15+ years of living here.  Unfortunately, this week is also our move week, and our poor movers have been stuck 20 miles away at a truck stop unable to go anywhere.  Schedules are all up in the air, which includes my gaming schedule, and things are playing out basically hour-by-hour now.

We were able to get out today and despite the plows having moved most of the deep snow, the bitter cold has made all forms of salt ineffective on the roads, so they've been packed into solid sheets of ice.  The roads were actually worse today.  Tomorrow, with the increasing temperature, I am hopeful that the movers will be able to get here and the roads will start to drastically improve.

In the meantime the daughterlings (off from school from winter break for an extra third day tomorrow) and my wife and I are a bit stir crazy.  We had the two college daughterlings with us cooped up for the last few days too, until we got them home to their apartment today.  Cabin fever is circling.  I would like to get more done in the garage, but the frigid temperatures have made it near impossible.  It is all media all the time now -- computers and TV and texting, with not much else for us to do until after the move.  What I wouldn't give for a miniature to paint about now.

This experience has given me an awful, evil idea.  Lock all the PCs in a single room for hours, perhaps days, and never let them leave.  Throw the adventure at them entirely in a single room.  This could be truly odd, almost worthy of a stand-alone mini-RPG.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day Movies: Lovecraftian Horror

The Lovecraft E-Zine has a link to a number of Lovecraftian films that you can watch online for free.  It's a nice way to spend a snow day, if you are stuck inside like me.