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Plagues, Dice, and Easter

There was a great plague that fell over the land.  It started with one lone man, too busy with daily works to notice the soreness in his muscles and the weakness in his body until it was too late.  The fever took him over, but not before the germs had been spread throughout the community.  None were safe.  Within a few days, the whole of all of them were sick.

So I caught bronchitis and unfortunately shared it with the whole family.

With the celebration of the feast of old, the death, the resurrection, the love of those that loved him rained down upon a great cloud of chance.

For Easter, my wife got me a set of 144 eraser dice.  Even some are pink -- cool!

In the lack of men and lack of swords and lack of bows, the king was worried, so he sent out a messenger in all directions of the land to find more to fill the ranks, so goodness could continue to reign.

The Friday night campaign needs more players, so I finally got around to posting an LFG on Roll20.  I'm getting responses, so ho…