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Project Rumeria

I am tired of closed RPG worlds.  I want a world I can use to do anything I want.  I want a world that people can add to, customize, reuse, and release content for without worries of being sued.  Enter Project Rumeria.

Project Rumeria is my new project to create an RPG game world.  It is my intention to release Project Rumeria under a Creative Commons license.

The new game world is being designed from the ground up to have a self consistent physical, historical, and cultural base.  Expect all sorts of fantasy realms, kingdoms, city-state, steam punk empires, and magical foundations.

More to come.

Monday Night Pathfinder Pirates: Not the Wormwood

I just really like the backstory of the Wormwood Mutiny, and though it isn't the campaign I was to run, the first book is an excellent resource to introduce players to pirating.  I take my own artistic license to GMing it though.

So the group starts out in the Cutlass tavern in Luskan.  Jacen, a human rogue, and Kyte, a maenad magus, have arrived in Luskan looking to join a sea-faring crew after escaping as slavers in the Blinded City, the city of the followers of the four gods Myrkul, Bane, Bhaal, and Cyric that is found in the Anauroch Dessert.  Vladyr Stormwalker, a dwarven druid, has come to the tavern, as well, looking for a home on the sea.  A half-giant fighter name Durgen who thinks he's a dwarf is also present with a siege weapon strapped to his back, wanting to find a crew to join.  Sheena, a human ninja, also awaits for a chance to hit the waves.

At the appropriate time, Captain Johnston of the Wormwood, calls the sailors-to-be out to test for their positions on the…

Karma for Coin

Hmmm... an idea...

Ability to turn in one Karma point for 100 x 1d100 in gold.

d100 -> 1 = 100 gp

d100 -> 100 = 10000 gp

Expected value: 5025 gp

Hmmm.  How lucky do you feel with that d100.

And no, you can't use a karma point to reroll the gold roll for a karma point.

'Raise dead', for reference, costs 5000 gp, which is mostly what players use their karma point for.

Cheap(er) Miniatures for Role Playing Games

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive miniatures for my Pathfinder games.  In particular, with my Pathfinder Pirates campaign starting I am looking not only for the typical 1" = 5ft 25mm miniatures, but also for the 1" = 30ft scale miniatures for ship battles, where minis might represent a sea creature.

Several good new additions have greatly grown my collection of animals and creatures.

First is, where I found a great source for 1" animal miniatures.  The scale is slightly off, because all of the miniature creatures are 1 inch, but for most things it is ok.  The creatures do not have bases and are made of a rubbery material which makes them very durable, but in some cases, almost impossible to stand up.  I'll probably end up super-gluing them to some washers for bases.  The price is very good at only $0.49 each, but the shipping makes it worth your while to buy them in large lots.

Second is Safari Limited.  Their toobs are a great source for small sea…

Announcing Monday Night Pathfinder Pirates

I have been wanting to start a different sort of campaign for a while, something a little off the beaten path of traditional dungeon delves and overland adventuring.  Psionics Unleashed and the Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic books have been on my radar and my players' radars for a while.  With the release of Skull and Shackles and all of the related material, I finally found my new environment.

Pathfinder Pirates on Mondays is going to be a more advanced, open, and yet casual RPG session for me.  I've opened up the books to include Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Psionics Unleashed, all the pirates resources from Paizo, and player's test for Advanced Race Guide.  In addition, I found a resource over the weekend called "Armada: Expanded See Combat and Rules Sourcebook."

The game will be emerging guns, no lawful alignments, and is going to take place primarily aboard ship and seas. I chose the Sword Coast as a setting, since it is familiar, since I can cross-o…

Friday Night Pathfinder: Northward to Daggerford

The Shadowrunner, having escaped the army attacking Candlekeep, headed north towards Baldur's gate and then onward past Dragonspear Castle to Daggerford.  A stop in Baldur's Gate got them stocked up for the journey.  Along the way they had some interesting adventures.

They met Bimley, lead human in a caravan of 3 caravan wagons packed with potion bottles.  He haggled with them for quite a while, trying to coax them into buy various vintages of potions... invisibility potions, barkskin potions (which the crew bought 10 of), and potions of gnomish contraptions.  The rogue, of course, attempted to talk the seller into trying an invisibility potion, but Bimley was too keen for such an obvious breach of seller's etiquette.  Instead he called forth a tall lanky elf from his crew name who attested, "It makes you turn invisible."

The also happened across a wagon of stone headed for Baldur's Gate for routine repairs.

Traveling along the road they also happened upon 4…

Friday Night Pathfinder: Baldur's Gate and Candlekeep

The Shadowrunners left off outside the gates of Baldur's Gate.  A minister exited the gate and put up a new wanted poster with pictures of the Human Bard "Don the Magnificent", the Elvan Ranger Corrail, the Gnome Sorceress Ally, and Felix the Half-elf Druid / Rogue.  A Paladin Roday is also metnioned as an accessory to their crime.  The posters states "Wanted: Dead or Alive".

The wanted quickly shuffle away.  River, the female instantiation of Rodar, walked up and checked out the poster.  The bard quickly shaves his mustache using a dagger and shuffles his appearance.  The Human Half-elf Cleric Zirul takes up the tiger, after talking to Corrail, and heads into the city to look for reasons for this poster.  Don has to talk his way through a quick interrogation by the guard.  After gathering loot, he heads into the city with Zirul and River.

The Elfsong tavern greats the crew with table and table of drunken locals.  Zirul approaches the table of guards and claims…