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Monday Night Pathfinder Pirates: Taking the Zelbinion to Sea

Monday night was a night of answering questions.  There was drinking of rum when it was announced that the Zelbinion had been cleared.  Kroop passed around the story of how he saved the day by disarming the bomb on the lower level.  Kyte called the crew together for time to elect a captain.  Durgen and Kroop were nominated and Kroop was obviously the more popular.  He quickly grabbed Durgen and suggested he take control of the Celestial Kyte.

After the partying was over, Kroop called the officers and select other crew together.  The druid was working on repairs to the Zelbinion bilge pumps and steering mechanism.  Kyte was working on keying the tiller to Kroop's old pocket watch.  Sheena took over cook's duties.  Durgen chose his pyro gunner to accompany him.  Victaerus was assigned to ready the boarding party just in case.

The plan was to sail north north east till they hit the coast and then send just the Celestial Kyte to the squib for repairs, supplies, crew, and nautical …

Saturday Night Pathfinders: What is the name of this town anyway?

A light report from Crayla:

Taking out the goblins impressed the local yocals.  Alderan Foxglove was happy to be saved by us.  I'll see what we can use him for.

We visited the cathedral and the priest Father Zantas.  Everything seemed intact.  I really wish the other guys could allow us to make an appearance without making a negative first impression.

We visited the jail to see if any of the goblins had been captured.  No such luck and the sheriff wasn't around.  We'd try to catch him in the morning.

Ameko Kujitsu caught us in town.  She offered us a week's stay at her inn -- the Rusty Dragon.  Talking to her later I found out she was a former adventurer.  She might be a resource we can call on if needed.  And, her last name matches the biggest crypt in the cemetery.  There is money in that family.

The gossip about the goblin raid showed the stupidity of the attack.  The goblins had no business attacking the town.  It had to be a distraction.


On the first night of…

Something in the Works

Didn't somebody say something about a keep?

Ultimate Campaign

Saturday Night Pathfinder: Invading Goblins

Report from Crayla:

I met up with the guys today around noontime and set up plans to meet them back at the Rusty Dragon at nightfall.  I grabbed some grub at the festival.  Kooper had that gleam of trouble maker in his eye when he said he was going to the general store. I followed him and watched him stock up on lamp oil, lots and lots of lamp oil.  This isn't going to end well if he ends up burning down the whole town.  He doesn't seem to be smart enough to handle that stuff.

I grabbed some rope, a grappling hook, and a crowbar for a reasonable price.  With these items, it gives me a few more options on pulling off a heist.  I mentioned to Kooper that if he could get me a potion of invisibility, I could double his return on it.  He slipped me one, trying to make sure the mage didn't see.  Pleon's (not Peelon) scruples seem to be a bit more bothersome than mine and Kooper's.  Anyway, it was a nice way to sweet talk a 300 gp potion, and I won't owe him a dime if…

Friday Night Pathfinder: Now Where Did that Rogue Go?

The party regroups, including Zirul, and the tiger, who now points a way to follow him.  The group searched the remains and finds out the secret of the Pyramid necklaces.  It is a big pyramid scheme for energy.  When one of them dies, the others get the energy.  Don, with his necklace, is becoming so charismatic that he can sparkle like a Twilight vampire.

The group follows the tiger to a cellar door in a big old building.  Don talks his way mostly out of the fight after it started.  He realizes these are thugs for the Xanathar's Thieve's Guild.
Meanwhile Felix awaits, tied to a stone chair in an underground cavern.  Marlowe is one of the guards keep watch over him.  He has been informed that he awaits trial for not completing his mission to deal with the red wizard in Secomber.
The party gains access and follows the cellars through cavern after cave until they reach the beholder's chamber.  Don negotiates a price on Felix's head for his dark skull and gets an …

Comment Changes

Since we've had no problems with spam comments, I am opening up the blog commenting settings a bit to allow anyone to comment.  Comments must be approved (which should keep spammers away) but should otherwise be unhindered.

Please comment.


Savage Worlds: Session II

So we got together last night, and after a few character tweaks, the Pien Ridge Horror got back underway.  So here's roughly how the adventure went:
Found gruesome stuff while hiking.  I fail my fear check.Set up camp.  Get frightenened by a bear escaping one of the sasquatch that we don't know about yet.  I fail my fear attempt.  The bear gets shot.Sasquatch grabs one of our rangers.  Pieces go flying and I fail my fear check.One of the other characters flies up to the ridge with the radio to call for help.  He gets rocks throw at him by the sasquatch, but isn't injured.We sleep overnight and I regain myself after being frightened so many times.We head up the trail and get attacked by a saquatch.  Several good shots protect us from getting mauled by the crazed creature. At this point one of the other guys take over as GM.
We head up to a cabin lead by an Indian named Crowkiller.We fortify and prepare for sasquatch attacks.  There are bear traps on the front porch, lots of g…

Cut Scene: What Happened to Zirul

The party killed off the two casters fighting them with Zirul decapitating the second caster since he was nearly dead already.  Zirul charged the group, grabbing three of the other lesser casters and crashing over the side of the mountain with them.  It is unclear where he and they went.
Zirul, fueled by the blue flaming fiery energy of Iallanis, Giant Goddess of Love, Mercy, and Beauty, took three of the monstrous necormancer abominations into his arms.  By now the waves of energy had made Zirul start to grow, becoming endowed with the strength and size of the giants.  He crushed them together has he lept over the side of the mountain with them.  Falling for several seconds, casters tumbling, Zirul grabbed the Holy Avenger Longsword breathed in blue flames and began slicing at them.  Divine energy crackled in the air like blue lightning as it swept away their magic protections.

Hitting the side of the mountain in a first bounce, now Zirul and the casters all were spinning.  A clo…

Running the Numbers for a Heist

So Crayla has a Stealth of +7.  According to the one source, guards (this one or this one) have perceptions in the +1 to +4 range which matches other places I have looked.  So given this, what is the probability of pulling off a heist?

Some aspects to consider:

How many guards will there be?How many guards will actually get a perception check against Crayla?What is an acceptable level of risk?What is the likely reward? If you check out the Opposed skill check reference sheet here, you can get the opposed skill check probabilities.
For Crayla, I am +6 to +3 better than the opposing check skill level:
+3 -- 60% chance of success +4 -- 64% chance of success +5 -- 68% chance of success +6 -- 72% chance of success
However, each check is independent.  If the GM is fishing for failures by making me make multiple checks, the odds aren't as good:
Advantage1 Check2 Checks3 Checks4 Checks+360%36%22%13%+464%41%36%17%+568%46%31%21%+672%52%37%27%
In addition, I may need to make a disable device c…

Monday Night Pathfinder Pirates: Clearing the Zelbinion

Two players were out (Durgen & the Druid) so I played them through and the crew cleared out the three remaining elementals on the lower ship deck.  While Durgen and the Druid repaired the bilge pumps, the rest of the group searched the rooms, carefully avoiding the alchemists lab which had a reasonable chance of blowing up.  Unfortunately, a bomb was triggered in another room, but Kroop was able to disarm it with Sheena's help before it blew a hole in the ship.  With the Zelbinion now cleared, the crew gets to make all the difficult decisions:

Who is the new captain?Where are they sailing to?What ship or ships are they taking?Where are they mounting the weapons?How are they going to get one or both of the ships repaired?How are they going to avoid the Zelbinion becoming a focus for other pirates, privateers, and navies? The good news is that the group now has several months of rations, so there are lots of options.

Saturday Night Pathfinder: Crayla meets the Party

On Saturday nights I am now playing in a Pathfinder game.  I'll be recording my adventures from the point of view of Crayla.  So let me tell you about Crayla.

Crayla is a half-elf level 1 ranger.  She grew up with 10 brothers and a father who was away a good bit of the time acting as a guard for a merchant caravan.  She learned to be tough, quick, and emotionally caustic.  Though she is good looking (fair skin, fiery red hair) her charisma is only average.  She puts people off.  She is quick to insult and quick to anger.

Crayla is a good shot with a longbow and can spin her short sword in and out of her scabbard and flip it easily across her wrist from side to side (weapon finesse).  She wears a shiny breastplate engraved with various animal markings made by one of her brothers.  It was his way of rubbing in that she had failed her druid training and relegated to just be one of those "woodsy rangers that helps find farmers lost cattle in the woods".  She can sneak around…

Cut Scene: The Fate of Owlbear and Captain Jacen

Looking through the waves of twisted light, a turquoise jelly fish slowly comes into view.  Not a living creature, inside it a bubble of air sustains two humanoids, grasping a rail that runs across the inside of the bubble.  Their eyes turn upward as the oblong hulls of two ships disappear out of sight.  Looking down, below them, 4 kuo-toa fish men pull the bluish air bubble lower and lower into the ocean.

Owlbear looks at Jacen with sad eyes and grunts.

Jacen pats him on the back.  "Don't worry Owlbear; I've been in worse situations than this."

Slowly a shimmering portal comes into view in the sea waters below them.  

Unseen to the kuo-toa, a small bottle holding a small piece of paper floats away, heading for the surface.  Jacen watches it just for a second and whispers to himself softly unheard to the others, "A little luck".

The kuo-toa swim up to the edge and then push the whole jelly fish rig in.  The rig, Owlbear, and Jacen disappear.

Friday Night Pathfinder: Escape from Waterdeep

The party as it now stands:

Elf Ranger CorrailWinter Wolf YuriCorrail's Father (Maiali)Don The Magnificent, an older human bardAlly the Gnome SorcererElliot, Human CavalierFelix, Half-elf Rogue / DruidFelix's tiger whose name I forgetZirul, Half-elf Cleric Zirul and Felix were unmanned tonight.  Prior to reaching the courtyard with the adult red dragon, Felix and the tiger went missing.
The party grabbed some potions from a potion cart in the courtyard while Don talked to the dragon.  On a lucky diplomacy reroll, Don was able to calm the dragon.  He demanded food and wine, which the party rushed to get, and ate his fill and then flex off to a hidden cave to rest.  Corrail noticed that the dragon had a bit of trouble exiting the city -- was that some sort of barrier?
With the dragon gone, a massive tidal wave was seen heading into the city.  With seconds to spare, Don teleported the party to the Bowels of the Earth, a local Waterdeep tavern.  The tsunami wave covered about a thi…

Savage Worlds

We decided to get out of the house tonight and stop by the local game store.  I grabbed up my new book of Savage Worlds, a few printed out character sheets, GM screen references, and some dice and paper.  The daughterlings put out texts to gamer friends and suddenly we had a 'how the heck do we play Savage Worlds' session.

Pine Ridge Horror was the session I grabbed to start out.
With only one book it took us a while to build characters while learning the rules.  It was nice, easy, familiar. Lots of 'pathfinder-like' things in there.  Not a lot of rules.
We barely got started into the adventure.  I played a character, so we skipped most of the role playing.  
I think it was a good first session.  At least one of the players offered to possible even GM it sometime, which seems like a really good sign.


I really need to share this link for Savagepedia anyone interest in Savage Worlds.

A Toast to New Characters

New characters are dominating my gaming life right now.  I've gotten a spot in a Saturday night Pathfinder game, so I am underway in building my new character.  The party currently consists of a sorcerer and a cleric, so rogue skills are needed.  I don't really want to play a rogue, though.  I don't even really want to play any class.  So my plan was to make up my own unique combination.

I want to be able to tank.
I need a moderate number of skill points, so I can cover rogue skills for traps.
I need feats, because I want to get a prestige class early.

Rogues really need dex, so I need to be a quick fighter (dex-based).  Fighter is THE class for feats.  Shadowdancer seems like a fun prestige class that one can hit the requirements for early.

For race, I looked really close at elf and human.  Human's bonus feat is nice, but only a real advantage at first level.  Elf has nice ability boosts, but half-elf gets a lot of the elf stuff and +2 to any (dex!) and an automatic s…

Monday Night Pirates:: Elemental Problems

The party continued their exploration of the Zelbinion.  The party found rum rations, rations, and a load of black powder.  In the brig a medium water elemental attacked just after they escaped from a wraith.  One room had forty dead bodies in it.  Another had 4 broken cages, a break in the floor into the hold below, and seven more dead bodies.
On the lower level, the group awakened two more elementals, a large water elemental and a medium fire elemental.  The battle was still underway at the end of the session.

Friday Night Pathfinder: Froghemoth and Beyond

The party lined up against the froghemoth.  Elrick charged in and was grabbed up by the monster's mouth.  Several players ran to the nearby stores (Wondrous Items Store and Alchemical Store) looking for valuable items for the battle.  Elrick dumped a mess of fuse grenades down into the monster and lit them up with a fire bomb.  134 damage to the froghemoth left it 2/3 dead.  Thanks to a bit of karma, Elrick was thrown clear.  Yuri blasted it with his breath weapon.  Ally blasted it with magic.  The monster grabbed up Ally and the tiger with his tentacles.  Ally finally took it down with another blast of magic missile.

The group gathered up and teleported to the Bowels of the Earth where Corrail's father wanted to speak to Mirt.  There the group was attacked by a fire elemental.  All fought hard until Don blasted the elemental with the Wand of Wonder (Wubba Wubba),  shrinking to 10% of its initial size.  Corrail distpatched it by stomping on it.

Inside the tavern, Corrail's…