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So tonight we tried playing battletech.  I didn't remember how complicated the rules are, yet how very reasonable they seem while playing.

We played for an over an hour and got through the rules and two full rounds of combat with 4 players each with two mechs.  I ruled out modifiers for moving, terrain, and eliminated all 'hand-to-hand' style combat for simplicity.  It was just move, announce, fire for damage, calc heat.

Sarah hid her mechs behinds some trees.  Veronica barely got off a single shot.

Chelsie and I blasted each other.

Then after we played a couple of rounds I announced the 'fun' part I remembered as a kid:  not only can you battle the mechs versus each other, there are also rules for building your own.  Chelsie and Veronica seemed interested.  Sarah was bored with the whole game.

I suspect we'll try to play again sometime soon and see how it goes then.