Sunday, September 25, 2016

Numeneric Thoughts: Flying Things

Some of the things that fly in the Ninth World:

  • There is a winged creature with feathers, webbed feet and a large circular mouth. This so-called suckler bird likes to land on large pieces of shiney metal and glass and suck the debris off it.  A large flock of them can clean all the windows in a good sized town in a day. The young, however, have been know to attach to eyeglasses, mostly just frightening the wearer.
  • Numenera hunters near Beoth reported disturbing some sort of nest before leaving town.  A week later small flying disks appeared, cutting through timbers of local buildings. The residents were able to take shelter in stone buildings after one resident was killed, but are scared to go outside.
  • There is a four-legged animal in the Wyr river valley that can spread its limbs and glide.  The 3 foot creature has generally been content with swooping down and grabbing live food from the river, but recently it has taken to snatching livestock and small animals in settlements near the river.
  • Stirthal is home to a "wandering spirit from the sky". When someone is hurt on the streets of the town, a bright red machine drops out of the sky and works to repair their wounds. It seems to speak a foriegn language of clicks, chirps, and screeches. After it completes, it flies off into the sky and disappears again. 
  • There is an insect swarm in the Pytharon Empire that has been attacking those carrying numenera recovered from a local ruin. The victims are found dissected with not a drip of blood nearby.
  • There is a large animal in the Salted Marshes that can take to the air despite its large size.  Travelers said they have seen it as a bright streak in the sky at night.

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