Saturday, September 24, 2016

Numenera Thoughts: The Sky

A few thoughts concerning the sky in the Ninth World:
  • A man in Uxphon has found a Numenera in the mountains. For 10 shins he will let you point it at the sky on a dark night where is shows large invisible cities floating in the sky.
  • In Navarene, several people have found objects left behind by a lumbering automaton that rambles quickly across the land. Friends and neighbors described the objects as large eggs. One witness said that when activated they glow crimson. A short time after, those that had the object were found burnt to death after a bright flash from the sky.
  • A large forest of trees stands outside of Dobrin, metallic with large metal leaves that point toward the sky.  On the first day of summer and the first day of winter, the sky above them pops and crackles with lightning. Anything above the forest is burnt into dust.
  • Near Mt Jaspar there is a machine in the sky that flies from a fixed spot out past the Deeplight and back every week, as if on an invisible cable. At night its light flicker and during the day it casts an unnatural shadow on the ground. No one know what the bronze-colored machine does.
  • In Draolis, there has been recent reports of small red spheres falling from the sky. A day after landing, a purplish worm-like creature, perhaps 12 cm in lenght wriggles out and crawls into the ground. All attempts to catch one of the worms has been useless, since the worms seems to be able to just "melt" right though anything.
  • In the forest south of Sere Marica a bright spot of light appears in the sky, seeming to originate from a source of the beam in the woods. No one has been able to discover where it comes from or what it does.

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