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Shadowrun is Coming

It looks like the gaming group is VERY interested in having a Shadowrun game.  I'm going through my old Shadowrun setting, getting my proverbial ducks in a row.  This is going to be a huge change for me, since Pathfinder in the Faerun setting has been old hat to me.  I can stick a few random generators on my laptop, open up the PRD and generate content on the fly.  Shadowrun is going to take a bit more for me for a while.

It was nice to find Chummer, a character generator for SR4.  That will make a lot of things easier.  I probably need to add some books to my collection, perhaps both book and PDF, since I expect the gaming party will want to look them over at game time, but I'll need quick reference during the game.

What I've read so far seems to indicate that access to several books is required.  I have Arsenal and Core.  Unwired, Augmentation, Street Magic, and Runners Companion also seem critical, though my setting is a low magic setting, which may eliminate the need for street magic.

So, anyway, expect some posts as I try to pull this cyberpunk gaming group together.


  1. I was first introduced to Shadowrun through my friend's copy of the Super Nintendo video game. I have to admit, I didn't enjoy the game but the imagery was awesome enough for me to pick up a few books. Loved the books, never played it though.

    One of my FLGSs actually has a bunch of old-school Shadowrun miniatures in stock still. They are pretty crazy.

  2. I wish there was some way to add in the extended races from the Runner's Companion (Consarnit, can't do the thing from the email where it has the green backing and italic text) into Chummer, so I could run my AI character through it instead of having to do everything the old fashioned modern way.

    Heck for all I know it's actually really easy, but I'm too dense to figure out how the thing works. Though if there is a way, I'm bound to blindly stub my toe on it eventually, most likely after I've already finished my character, and spend tens (Maybe even hundreds at my current rate of progression/forgetting what I'm doing) of hours of work on it.

    1. I plan on hosting an intro session or two, and we can try to figure things out then. I definitely think it will be worthwhile for us to do the first character build manually so we can learn the ins and outs.

  3. Say, just because I'm a bit thick, and seem to be running circles around the answer, if you're in character creation, and the items availability is within the threshold for what you can start out with, do you still need to roll to have it on your character sheet?


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